Friday, March 6, 2015

DIY Tassel Garland

I've been in the DIY mode like crazy lately and I am loving every minute of it! So far I've done 4 DIYs, two that have been featured, one that will be featured and one that's being featured! Today I'm bringing you one that's perfect for sprucing up your dorm, bedroom or workspace! It's the tassel garland! I've seen these all over Pinterest, Instagram and blogs and thought they were such a cute and fun way to decorate. So I decided to try my hand at it and absolutely LOVED how they turned out! Today I'm sharing how I created the tassels and now how you can create some! 

Step 9: Hang on string and enjoy!

Here's a mini tassel garland that I made for a photoshoot/ upcoming post! Instead of a full sheet of tissue paper I just used half and followed the same instructions! 
The gold tissue paper and twine I found at Hobby Lobby and the pink and white tissue paper at Walmart. You can use any colors or patterns do create your tassels! I think over all it cost me a little over $5 to create! It's super inexpensive and gives a fun, girly element to your room! You can see how I created my washi tape gallery wall here! I love how both of them look on my wall! Also, new room tour will be coming soon, don't you worry! :) 

What are easy ways you spruce up your room? Leave me a comment or snap and send me a pic on Twitter or Instagram, @samantha_goble, letting me know! 

Happy tasseling! 

"i craft so hard i sweat glitter"

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