Thursday, February 26, 2015

Travel Thursdays: What I Wore: California Edition

Today I'm sharing with you all what I wore while I was in California for some vacay time! It was absolutely beautiful there and I'm so glad I got to break out the dresses and sandals and get some much needed sun on my poor pale skin! For half of our time we were doing 'business' things that required me to be comfortable and able to move around, so I wore casual clothes like leggings, t-shirts, shorts, etc. Nothing too special or worth mentioning. When we were shopping or enjoying our free time I dressed up a bit. I have a few 'professional' outfit photos and I have some mirror ones. This was my first time having outfit of the day photos taken of me in public places and it was an experience for sure! I definitely got a few weird looks from people passing by. I just kept on doin my thang ;)  Enough of me and let's get into the outfits!

Outfit No. 1// The Beach

Striped tee: Old Navy// Sunglasses: Old Navy (similar here and here)// 

Outfit No. 2// Dinner

Top:  Old Navy// Jeans: American Eagle// Belt: Target (similar here)// Wedges: Ross (similar here)

Outfit No. 3// Dinner

Chambray button up: Old Navy (similar here and here)// Jeans: American Eagle// Belt: Target (similar here)// Sandals: Target// Wallet: Kate Spade (same wallet, just different colors// Necklace: Old Navy (in-store)// 

Outfit No. 4// Shopping

Dress: Brandy Melville (similar here and here)// Chambray button up: Old Navy (similar here)// Sandals: Target (similar here)

Outfit No. 5// Shopping/ Sightseeing

Shirt dress: Old Navy (similar here and here)// Sunglasses: Old Navy (similar here and here)// Belt: Target//

With the exception of the mango top in Outfit 2 and the striped top in Outfit 1, everything else I already owned. It was hard dressing for 75 degrees when it was 7 degrees back home! I tried to have a mix of warm weather pieces like shorts, dresses, sandals and cooler weather pieces like buttons ups and jeans. I also tried to pack pieces that I could mix and match and dress up or down if need be. It was a challenge to just pack a week's worth of outfits in my carry on but somehow I did it! I should get a trophy or something. 

What do you wear when you vacation? Leave me a comment letting me know! :) 

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