Monday, February 16, 2015

Music of the Moment No. 2

Morning lovely readers! Hope you're all doing fabulous! Today I'm sharing with you another installment of my Music of the Moment series! I'm constantly finding new music to listen to and obsess over. So I've decided to make a playlist of it on Spotify and share all the amazing artists/songs I find with you all! 

This playlist is a lot more 'pop'/Top 40 songs and songs that you've probably heard before on the radio. I do have a couple ones that you might not know. Strange Talks I actually found through one of Meghan Rienks' Youtube videos. I searched for them on Spotify and become obsessed. They're an Australian electro-pop band. Man I have a thing for Australian electro-pop bands I guess! Haha! 

Anyways let's get into the playlist!

This is another pretty upbeat playlist. Perfect for hanging out, cleaning, dancing around or getting ready! When I first heard Bright by Echosmith I thought it was an old Taylor Swift song! I was so sure it was her and shocked to find out it wasn't! What are your thoughts? My favorite song on the list is Chains.... I mean Nick Jonas..... holy hot diggity dang. Although Young Hearts is pretty close too. I think they're both my favorite. 

What songs/artists have you been listening to recently? Any I need to check out? Leave me a comment sharing! 

Happy listening everyone!

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"pop music will never be low brow"

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