Monday, February 2, 2015

Lust List: No. 1

How many of you have that running list of things you're lusting over? I know I certainly do. I have one on my iPad, my phone and written in various notebooks. I'm always finding something that I'd love to have one day aka lusting over until it happens. So I thought I'd introduce a new series where I share what's on my lust list! 
No. 1: I know I'm like the last person to know about this necklace but I saw it on Instagram the other day and fell kinda in love. I think it's edgy but sophisticated at the same time. I think it'd be gorgeous in the summer with a simple tank and a pair of shorts and sandals. Maybe for Valentine's Day....... ;) 
*Update: I did end up getting it for myself as an early V-Day present. Outfit with it coming soon*

No. 2: Again I know I'm like the last blogger/Instagrammer to get on the Minnie and Emma phone case trend but I hadn't really ever checked them out before. I found myself on their website yesterday and pretty much wanted all their phone cases and stationary. I love the simpleness of the case and the bright pop of pink. Eventually it'll make it's way into my life. 

No. 3: I've known about lululemon leggings for awhile now |remember the material snafu?| but never jumped on the train like most. For one I think they're a whole lotta pricey for leggings. But I've heard that they're the best leggings out there so perhaps one day in the future I'll bit the bullet and buy a pair. I loooove the black with striped waistband pair but they're all out of my size, waaah. 

No. 4: I have a pair of Jack's, like any good preppy girl does, and love them! I totally get what all the hype is about. I love mine. After seeing tooons of pictures from #BloggersWhoBeach on Insta and these sandals I decided I needed to get a pair. The price tag makes me a little woozy so I'm hoping RueLaLa or Gilt has a Jack Rogers sale soon and these are on there. 

No. 5: I remember pinning these shoes on Pinterest and thinking "These are so cute, I need a pair!" and then moving onto the next thing. I never figured out where they were from until a couple of days ago. I have a few 'fake Vans' from Target and love the laidback, Cali cool look of them. Combine the cream color and J.Crew prep aspect and I'm sold. I think they'd be perfect with a cute tank and navy chinos. I can see the outfits now..... 

No. 6: Last is the beautiful two piece from Naeem Khan. I saw this last night on Pinterest as Nina Dobrev was wearing it. I fell head over heels in love with it. I searched high and low to find out where it came from and finally did. I went to the website and found my size, added it to my cart and almost had a heart attack from how much it cost. It's over $10,000. OVER TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! I then proceeded to cry on the inside because of how expensive it was. This is one of those items I'll keep lusting over. How cute would it be in the summer with  a nice tan and a pair of pink heels or sandals |Nina was wearing pink heels with hers|? The answer is super cute. If anyone knows of any look alikes or similar pieces PLEASE, PLEASE comment or email me! I'm dying to have something like this in my wardrobe! 

There you have it, my lust list. The things I'm coveting the most at the moment. I might make this a regular post every month or so? What do you guys think? Love, loathe? Leave me a comment sharing your thoughts! Oh and share what are you lusting over!
Happy lusting!

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"we crave what we can't have"

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