Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekend Reading No. 1

Good morning all! I hope you had a good week, I certainly did! Quite a few of my favorite bloggers do this post called Weekend Reading, which is a compilation of linked articles/things they're loving for the week. I come across articles, etc., that I love and want to share with you all, so that's what today's post is! It's the first of a new 'series', I guess you'd call it, that I'm excited to be doing! So without further adieu here's my Weekend Reading! 

First, read all about where I've been and the new look! 

Loved this article on why it's okay to be single in college. 

Here's a list of 22 things that every girl needs to accept. #GirlProbs

Have a bikini that needs an update? This DIY has you covered! 

I'm obsessed with the coffee table book trend and this article explains how to properly style them.

BaubleBar and Benefit are doing a collab and I'm beyond excited! Enter to win prizes from BaubleBar and Benefit here

Drooling over this coconut and toffee bar recipe. Might have to try this out.... 

Here are 5 easy ways to spice up your desk/work space! 

Have some spare time? Here are 25 things you can do in 5 minutes or less

Obsessed with the new website by Grace Atwood's rebrand of her blog, The Stripe! Check t out! 

If you need a laugh/ to look at a few handsome fellas watch this video

Got a question about your resume? Check out this article to see if it's answered. 

Need a new artist/album to listen to? Then take a listen here. |P.S. he's one of my favorites. His voice is like none other!|

The cutest DIY pinata around! I think I need to try it out! 

There you have it some *light* weekend reading! Grab your coffee and curl up on your bed or couch and start reading |or watching or listening|! 

What have you been reading or loving on the Internet this week? Share your links in the comments below! :)

"my weekend is all booked"

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