Thursday, January 15, 2015

Music of the Moment No. 1

January has been the month of discovering new bands for me. And I absolutely love finding new bands, bands that haven't hit it "big" yet and are still relatively small. They're like my own little secret. But today I'm sharing that secret with you all. I've recently discovered quite a few new bands who I'm obsessed with. The new bands are..... Sheppard, Kids of 88 and Phoenix. I've been listening to their music nonstop and know the lyrics pretty well. They're all indie/indie rock, pretty much it's all alternative music. Their sound is unique and definitely worthy of a listen. 

I've also been into Walk the Moon, One Direction and a little Beyonce and Uptown Funk because I mean Beyonce and Uptown Funk. Lol. So without further adieu here's my Music of the Moment playlist!

Turn up your speakers and take a listen! I listen to it when I'm blogging, getting ready or picking up my room. It's fun, upbeat and definitely dance worthy music. I dance around in my room whenever I'm listening to it. It's so hard not to. I dare you try and not dance. It's impossible. 

I'm thinking of making this a series where I share my favorite music of the moment/month. What do you guys think? Thoughts on the playlist? Like any of the bands I included? What bands/songs do I need to be listening to right now? Let me know in the comments below! :) 

Happy listening! 

"music can change lives. whether you're having a good day or a bad day the power of music can change one's mood"

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