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Goals for 2015: Personal

The book of 2014 is now over. But it was a good book, a great book even, at least for me and I do hope for you too. Like most I set goals for 2014, some I accomplished and others not so much. When I sat down to write out my personal goals for 2015 I wrote out more than a dozen. Then it hit me, the reason why I didn't accomplish all my goals for 2014 was because I had too many. I spread myself too thin, focused on too much at once. I, in a way, set myself up for failure because I bit off more than I could chew. So with that in mind and my red pen handy, I whittled down my list to 5 goals that I'm going to work on for 2015. These are goals that are going to help me become a better person and really help me become the person I absolutely know I can be. 2015 is the year about me. 
No. 1: Get into better shape//

I know, I know everyone sets this goal at the beginning of the year. But lately I just haven't been happy with my body. I don't talk about it but I have body issues just like every other 20 year old college girl. Slowly over this year I've just been unhappy with myself. My eating habits are atrocious, I'm tired a lot and I just don't feel 100% me. So I've decided that 2015 will be the year to get my body up to it's peak condition, the one I know it can be in. My body/fitness inspirations are Rachel Brathen aka Yoga_Girl on Insta, Nicole Fleckenstein aka StoneColdBetch on Twitter and Kayla Itsines on Insta. I'm doing Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Workout plan because I've heard lots of positive feedback and good things about it and I'm very excited to get to work! 

No. 2: Budget//
I love shopping and spending. I'm not going to lie. I spend way more than I should. Now with that being said I don't spend more than I have. I pay all my bills on time, I have a pretty decent credit score and I have a little nest egg saved up. But I recently checked my account and it's dwindling down. I realized that if I want to travel then I'll need some money. So I plan on creating a budget for myself so that I can start saving up again for my travel fund. I also want to pay off all my credit cards and have no debt on them. I really want to be in a good place financially because in a couple of years I would like to have my own place and be on my own. I know that I can do it if I work hard and try not to spend money whenever Factory J.Crew or Kate Spade has a sale, it'll be tough but I know I can do it. 

No. 3: Travel more//

In 2014 I travelled the most I've ever traveled. I went to California twice and took a mini roadtrip to St. Louis. It's not a lot by any standards but from traveling 5 times in my entire life to 3 in one year is a lot to me. Lol. I want to travel to California again because California. I'd also like to travel to New York or go to Europe for a Spring Break trip possibly. And I've decided that I really, really, really wanna celebrate my 21st birthday in the Caribbean, specifically Aruba. So we'll see where my wanderlust takes me this year! 
A sub-goal of travel more is to take risks and be more adventurous. I've always been a quieter, conservative, rule follower kind of a person. But I've learned as I've gotten older is that you have to journey out of your comfort zone to really enjoy life and its rewards. This year I'm making a point to do so. "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

No. 4: Be a better person spiritually//
I'm a born again Christian. I've accepted Christ into my life and believe in him and what his Word says. Over the years I fell more and more out of step with God's Word and my relationship with him took a back burner. I used every excuse in the book as to why I didn't have time to read my Bible or do a devotional. This year I've really learned that life is precious, time is short and at any moment it can be taken away from us. I want to strengthen my relationship with Christ. I want to become a disciple of God and really dive into the Word. SheReadsTruth is doing a Bible in 365 days and I'm definitely going to participate in it! I'm super excited for this series and hope that you'll join me on it! Maybe I'll do a weekly blog post about it? Thoughts?

No. 5: Focus on myself not others//

Lately I've been comparing myself to others in the sense that I see where their lives are and that my life should be the same. I've just felt unsuccessful and insignificant with my life and what I was doing. I was worried that I wasn't doing or being enough to what my friends or people I looked up to were. I was on Pinterest looking at quotes as I do and I realized that I need to stop comparing what I'm doing with others and start focusing on myself. Everyone is different and has a different pace of life. "The only way to succeed is not to worry about what everyone else is doing."

Well those are my 5 goals for myself for 2015! I've decided that this year I am going to focus on me being me. This is the year of Samantha. I'm really going to work on bettering myself as a person physically and spiritually. I'm super excited for 2015 and all the new adventures and opportunities it holds! Bring it on 2015, BRING IT ON!

What are your goals for the new year? Leave me a comment letting me know! I feel like it's always easier to stick to a goal if you have people motivating you and keeping you accountable! I'd love to help you accomplish your goal! :) 

Happy (almost) New Year! 

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