Thursday, December 11, 2014

Work Hard Play Hard

I love office supplies. Pens, pencils, stationery, folders, pencil cups, staplers, notepads, everything. I loved back to school supply shopping and now that I'm older it's translated into buying cute office/desk supplies! So today I'm sharing the cutest and my favorite office/organizational supply picks!

Acrylic letter tray// Scalloped organizer// Acrylic monogrammed pencil cup// Chevron pencil cup// Le pens// Deskpad// Acrylic stapler// Acrylic letter holder// Pencils// Folders// Pencils// Acrylic file holder// 

So most of these are from Design Darling and See Jane Work. Acrylic, gold, pink, patterened and monogrammed makes desk accessories so much better. Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers for office supplies and they make the desk look chic and professional! 

Other places to look for cute desk supplies are Target, HomeGoods, Office Depot/Max, Bed Bath and Beyond and Etsy! Here's an Etsy shop that sells the cutest engraved pencils ever

Or if you have an acrylic desk accessory but want a monogrammed one head over to Etsy and search for monogram stickers or decals! You can get a decal for a few bucks, stick it to your object and viola! Instant monogrammed desk accessory! 

So there you have it! My picks for desk accessories that are stylish and motivating! I always feel more motivated when I have cute items on my desk, anyone else like that? 

What are your favorite places to jazz up your desk with accessories? Leave me a comment below letting me know! :) 

Happy organizing and Merry Christmas! 

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