Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Things I'm Loving: November

November has come and gone and where the heck did it go?! Seriously the months are flyyyying by way to fast! I swear it was like December 2013 like last week..... Anyways another month means another list of my favorite things! This month is very music and film heavy. I promise I don't spend all my time on Netflix. I know it looks like it does but I do have somewhat of a social life I swear. So on that note, let's get into my November favorites! 

So I decided to format this month's favorites a little differently, what do you guys think? Yay or nay? I haven't decided if I like it yet.... 

No. 1: Target sweater// I freaking love this sweater. I have worn it soooo much this month. It's super warm and casual so it goes with everything. I've worn riding boots, smoking loafers, booties, Converse, black jeans, ripped up jeans, leggings, it's so versatile! I loved it so much I bought it in black. Hey they say if you like something buy all the colors. 

No. 2: Smallpools and Magic Man concert// I went to my final concert of 2014 this month and it was AMAZING! It was at this local venue, an old theatre renovated making it super small and intimate and it was the greatest. I saw two of my favorite bands and fell even more in love with them. Check out my post on getting ready for it plus some pictures and videos. 

No. 3: The Tomorrow People// I watch way too much Netflix but I'm not even sorry about it. A new show I've discovered is The Tomorrow People staring Robbie Amell. Because I'm terrible about explaining shows here's the synopsis: "The story of several young people  who represent the next stage in human evolution, possessing special powers like teleporation and telepathy. Together they work to defeat the forces of evil." Okay so it sounds like every other sci-fi based show so here's the trailer. It actually is pretty good so give the first episode a watch. 

No. 4: FOUR// I can't even begin with this album. One Direction released their fourth album this month and it's BEAUTIFUL. Like I always think they can't out do themselves from their last one yet they always do! Go give it a listen on Spotify and see for yourself! My favorites are Ready to Run, 18, Girl Almighty, Night Changes and Change Your Ticket.
The music video for Night Changes got me feelin some type of way. *insert profusely crying emoji here* Go watch it and you'll understand my pain. 

No. 5: Reckless// Another show on Netflix I've discovered and am obsessed with. It takes place in South Carolina and stars Cam Gigandet aka babe so naturally you see why I'm watching it. It's witty, steamy and has a good story line. Cam Gigandet plays a southern gentleman City Attorney who clashes with a gorgeous Northern lawyer. It's such a guilty pleasure, it's so steamy and get's you all hot and heavy. I mean Cam Gigandet shirtless, HELLO! Check out the trailer here.

No. 6: 1989// Like I said this month has been a music heavy month and I'm not complaining. So this was released in October but I've been listening to it nonstop since so we're gonna count it for November. IT'S SO GOOD. Taylor slaaaays with this album. There isn't a bad song on the whole thing. Slay girl slay. My favorites are Welcome to New York, Blank Space (obvi), Style, Out of the Woods, Stay, Shake It Off, I Wish You Would, Bad Blood, Wildest Dreams, I Know Places, Wonderland, You R In Love, New Romantics. Okay so that's like the entire album but that's because every song is sooooo good. 
Have you seen the music video for Blank Space? If you haven't what have you been doing with your life? Go watch it, now! It's crazy, very Gatsby-esque but I love it! You go girl!

No. 7: The Railway Man// I found this movie randomly while searching Netflix UK and it looked pretty good based on the short synopsis and it was! This was one of the best movies I've seen. It stars Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman and Jeremy Irvine set in England circa 1980 and tells the story of British POW Eric Lomax during the Vietnam War. It's riveting and poignant and very powerful. It's on Netflix UK and at Redbox so if you're looking for a good movie I definitely recommend this one. Here's the trailer!

No. 8: Peaky Blinders// Keeping with the British theme my last show is the Peaky Blinders, a Netflix Original. I swear I don't watch Netflix constantly but it sure does seem like I do.... Anyways, I saw this show being promoted by Netflix on Twitter and it looked really good so I watched the first episode. Next thing I know I'm on episode 3 and it's like 2 in the morning. #sorrynotsorry It stars Cillian Murphy, aka Scarecrow in the Dark Knight, as the leader of a gangster family who's trying to move up in the world. Set in England just before the 1920s it just draws you in. You can't help but keep watching to find out what happens next. I have a thing for British/Irish accents and there's a plenty in it so that's always an added bonus. Check out the trailer here

No. 9: Lipsticks// I've been obsessed with lipsticks this month! I only have a handful but
 I've been wearing them every change I get and have started building my collection. I have an entire post all about it including swatches and reviews! Plus, they're great for the holiday season where it's always in fashion to don a red or berry lip. I've been taking notes from the queen of lipstick herself StoneColdBetch. I need the NARS Audacious lipstick in my life. 

No. 10: Macaron pajamas// I forgot to include this in the pictures but I've been living out of my macaron pajamas from Target! I've never had a matching pajama set since I was a little kid and I saw these and knew they had to come home with me. They're super warm and comfy and who doesn't love macarons? I just found out they have New York ones too! I need all the printed pajama sets. Oh Santa..... 

Well that's all for November guys! It's mostly movies, TV and music but hey what can I say? But really I do other things, productive things than just watch movies and TV all day. I swear. 

What are your November favorites? Recommend something worth checking out? Let me know in the comments! :) 

Happy favoriting and Merry Christmas!

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