Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy Holly Days: My Christmas List

Does anyone else ever just blank out on things they want for Christmas once Christmas time actually comes around? Because that's totally me. Friends and family will ask and nothing comes to mind. I decided finally to make a list of things that I'd been lusting over throughout the year so when the time came I could actually give a coherent response. These are things that I've had my eye on throughout the year in hopes that Santa would take a hint and drop these beauties under the tree come Christmas morning ;) So what items made it on my Christmas list? Let's find out! 

The Sephora Superstar favorites makeup set is something I need for my collection. I've been into makeup a lot more this past couple of weeks and with Christmas right around the corner Sephora released all their makeup sets. I really would like to have this one because of all the products you get and the quality of them. These are A-list beauty products that bloggers raave about. Do you think Santa is a Sephora VIB member?

I have been lusting over this 'Eat Cake for Breakfast' iPad case fooooorever. It's the perfect mix of sassy, witty, cute and it's the perfect accessory. Plus, it's Kate Spade and you can never go wrong with Kate Spade. 

I have a 75-300 lens that I've been using for my fashion photos and it's just a little too much. Whoever's taking my photos, usually my brother, has to stand like 100 feet away from me just to get my whole body in the shot. I really need a smaller lens and an 18-55mm would do just the trick! It's more of an investment than a gift really. 

If you follow any number of 'preppy' fashion blogs then you've probably seen this bag in almost all of them; the Gigi New York Madison crossbody. I want, no need this bag in my life STAT! It's the perfect size for everyday or for going out. Plus, you can monogram it. I mean what more do you need in a bag? 

I have been wanting a monogram necklace for forever and just never bought one. But with Christmas coming and sales on jewelry it'd be the perfect time to get one! Santa you writing all this down? 

Just recently I got into wearing lipsticks and per suggestion from the Queen of Lipsticks, StoneColdBetch, she suggested that I should try |read: NEED| the NARS Audacious lipstick. I've never bought "high end" make-up solely for the pricetag attached. What a better time than Christmas when Sephora is dealing out deals and freebies than to get one?! The color pictured is Charlotte but really I'd take any of the absolutely gorgeous colors. Again, Santa you taking notes?

Coffee table books, I'm obsessed with them. I love styling them with decor and of course the content and pictures. The Places to Go and the Things We Love are two that I need ASAP. I've also heard amazing things about the Tory Burch In Color book as well. A pair of her boots are on my Lust list. I also really want the How to be a Parisian , one that everyone has been reading. 

Another items that aren't pictured but I desperately want are the  blog planner from Heart & Arrow. Now that I'm getting more into blogging I really need a blog planner to keep myself organized and on track and this one is perfect!

That's my Christmas list for this year! I feel like every year my list gets smaller but the price tags grow? Anyone else have this problem or is this just me? 

What's on YOUR Christmas list this year? Fashion? Tech? Beauty? Home? Lemme know in the comments! :) 

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

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