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December Movie Round Up

So I feel like November/December is a really, really good time for movies? Anyone else agree? I went and saw Interstellar and Maze Runner in November and while watching the previews was typing all the new movies coming out into my phone. I had a list of about 5. That list has now turned into 9 movies that have come out/are coming out/ or will be coming out in December. Today I'm sharing with you my December (and a couple from November) movie roundup! Since I'll be done with the semester and on vacay in T-Minus 2 days I will definitely be going to the movies and checking a few off my list. Okay Sam enough chitchat and get on with your picks! Here they are (in no particular order)!

No. 1: Wild
Release Date: In theaters
This movie looks amazing! I love Reese Withespoon and have been a huge fan of her movies. I'm so glad that she broke free from her 'Legally Blonde' stereotype and got into doing dramas. I'm really bad at explaining movies so in a nutshell it's about a women who hikes thousands of miles alone and during the journey finds herself. Watch the trailer which does a muuch better job of explaining it. lol.

No. 2: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
Release Date: December 19
I freaking love these movies! They're honestly some of my favorite to watch. I love history so this is right up my alleyway. Plus they're funny, good, clean-ish, humor! I was so glad that Robin Williams had finished filming this before he died. He makes for such a good Teddy Roosevelt. I'm pumped to see this because A) they're going to London, B) Rebel Wilson is in it C) it's Night at the Museum I mean what's not to love! See for yourself in this hilarious action packed trailer

No. 3: Unbroken
Release Date: Christmas Day
Holy wow where to start with this movie. It's based on the true story of an American Olympic runner who was taken by the Japanese as a prisoner of war during WWII. I love history/military movies. They're one of my favorite genres, weird I know. I blame my dad and brother for this. Anyways, it looks like one of those edge of your seat, rooting in your head for him kinda movies. I think I'll take my brother to go see this with me! 

No. 4: Into the Woods
Release Date: Christmas Day
I did theatre all four years in high school and love musicals. All my theatre friends were bouncing off the walls when they announced that Into the Woods was going to be made into a movie. The cast for this is A-List. I mean you got Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Chris Pine, a stellar cast. I like these new twists on the fairytales. I think they're interesting and refreshing! I'm excited to see this! If this doesn't win an Oscar or Tony I quit everything. 

No. 5: The Interview
Release Date: Christmas Day
I'm not one for crude comedies but this looks freaking hilarious. Every time I see the trailer it gets funnier. I love James Franco and Seth Rogen. They have such a great comedic chemistry and they're so freaking funny. I might go see this with one of my friends or something but I definitely will see it! 

No. 6: American Sniper
Release Date: Christmas Day
Like I said I love military movies. When I watched the trailer for this I was speechless. It was thrilling, captivating and left me needing to see the whole movie. Bradley Cooper stars as a sniper in the US military who has over 150 confirmed kills and the movie depicts his life as an American Sniper. It looks like a top notch movie and I can't wait to see it. I could see it getting an Oscar nom. 

No. 7: The Theory of Everything
Release Date: In theaters
I talked about this movie a couple of months ago and have yet to see it! That's going to change! It's based on the life of Stephen Hawking and tells the story of his life from college, meeting and falling in love with his wife and his horrible disease. It stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones and is one of those movies where you're just drawn in. It kinda reminds me of the Time Traveler's Wife in a sense. See the trailer for yourself! 

No. 8: The Imitation Game
Release Date: In theaters
Four words; Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightley. That is all. Once again another history/military movie, seems to be a theme eh? It tells the story of a WWII code breaker who has the impossible task of breaking a Nazi code. Watching the trailer gives me goosebumps. It's already rumored that it's up for multiple Oscar noms. Man the Oscars are going to be amazing this year. 

No. 9: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
Release Date: In theaters
Mockingjay, need I say more? I know I'm like the last person to see this movie but I will see it someway some how! I'm so excited! Mockingjay was my favorite book and I'm beyond excited to see this in real life and not just my mind. I hope it delivers! 

There you have it! My 9 must see movies for December! What's better than a night out at the movies with your boyfriend or best friend, eating yummy popcorn, enjoying an awesome movie? I will definitely be hitting up my local movie theater in the coming weeks! :)

What movies are you looking forward to? Leave me a comment letting me know! 

Happy movie go-ing and Merry Christmas! 

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