Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best of 2014

I cannot believe there are mere hours left of 2014. Where did this year go?! 2014 was crazy for me! I did a lot of amazing things this year and made so many unforgettable memories. Going through the photos of this year brought a huge smile to my face. Looking through all the good times and adventures, seeing all my friends, it just makes me super happy. I have so many highlights of 2014 that you'd be here for hours just listening/reading all of them so I'm picking my favorite moments of 2014! This is a very picture heavy post so let's get right to it! 

No. 1: Getting my license// 

I don't think I've ever talked about it but I got my driver's license in February of 2014. Yes, I was 19 years old and finally getting my license. I was the only one out of my friends who didn't have it but I was okay with it. I finally had gotten it and was beaming that day. Since then I've been driving like crazy. I love driving and the freedom it comes with it. There's just something about driving by yourself, especially at night in the summer with the windows rolled down, music turned up that's just makes everything seem okay in that moment. It's the best feeling ever. 

N0. 2: Blogging//

In March I started blogging. I had always wanted to blog but never thought I could do it. Inspired by Carly aka The College Prepster I decided to go for it. I am so incredibly glad and happy that I did! I love blogging and everything that comes with it. It's such a rewarding feeling when you read that people enjoy your content or that it helped them in some way. That's all I want to do is inspire and help people with my content. I've come a long way but have a long way to go but I'm ready for it and couldn't be more excited!

No. 3: Fashion Style//

 This year I really found my fashion sense and personal style. My style is an East and West Coast mix. I'm 75% 'preppy' and 25% edgy. I stopped buying trendy pieces and started investing in classic pieces that can be worn a variety of different ways and won't go out of season. My Instagram is a great way to see how far my style and outfits have come. I immediately start blushing when I think back to what I wore in high school. #embarrassed 

No. 4: Friends//

This year, this summer specifically, I spent a lot of time with my friends and had some of the best summer memories ever with them! From the drive-in to theater productions, concerts, iHop nights and everything in between it was the best time ever and a summer I'll never forget!

No. 5: California//

2014 was the year I did the most travelling ever in my entire life. In February I went to LA and spent about a week there.  It was a great experience, although my least favorite of my California trips. I plan on going again and doing much, much more and going to lots more places. Nonetheless it was an awesome time and it made me love California even more. 

In August my dad, brother and I made an impromptu trip to San Diego and I had the absolute best time! This was my favorite trip to Cali thus far and it was just amazing. I cannot wait to go back! I have a post all about it with lots more pictures you can check out here

No. 6: One Direction//

I finally saw the five idiots I've been fangirling over for three years now in concert with my very two eyes. It was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I have an entire post detailing it and with more pictures so check it out!

No. 7: Concerts// 

This was the year of concerts as I went to 4. I went to a sort of one day music festival called Buzz Beach Ball, to see the wonderful Mr. Ed Sheeran and finally to see two of my favorite bands, Magic Man and Smallpools. Each was different and spectacular and was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I've hooked the concert bug and want to go to even more next year! I have posts recapping all three, Magic Man and Smallpools, Buzz Beach Ball and Ed Sheeran

No. 8: Turning 20//

This September I turned the big 2-0. Yes I am two decades old. It's crazy for me to think about that I've been alive 20 years. Like whaaaat, that's insane. I spent it with family and didn't have any big party or anything I'm saving it up for next year ;) I've realized that I've started my twenties now and that I'm a 'real adult' and how everything important happens in your twenties. It's scary but exciting and I can't wait to see what the rest brings! 

I can't believe that 2014 is over. I had such an amazing year filled with some of the best memories of my life. I'm sad that 2014 is coming to a close but I'm excited for what 2015 holds. I can't even imagine the opportunities and wonderful things that are to come but I'm ready for it. Bring it on 2015! 

What are your best moments of 2014? Graduating? Going to college? Travelling? Leave me a comment letting me know! :)

Happy New Year! 

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