Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Art of Layering Pt. 1

I love layering. I'm obsessed with finding new ways to pair different pieces. Mixing and matching different patterns, textures, styles. It's like a brain teaser, a very fun and fashionable one. Layering is one of those tricky things. Add too many patterns and you'll look like a hot mess instead of a chic one. But have no fear for help is here! One of my favorite Instagrammers and style icons, Karla Reed, has put together a little cheat sheet in the art of layering! She is the queen of layering and style and looking hella cute on a budget. 

Photos via @KarlaReed

See what I mean?! Her style is on point! I obsess over every outfit she posts because it's so freaking stylish and classy. She recently wrote an article on The Style Letters, a fashion and style blog, with her tips on styling since she kinda knows what's up in that department. She has some really great tips, especially if you're just starting out in the layering world! And with fall here in full swing layering is an essential to my outfits. I basically live in layers from the months of October to March.  I live in the Midwest where layering is not only fashionable but functional. 

Check out her article and follow her on Instagram, @karlareed, for super cute outfit of the days ft layering, adorable pictures of her family (her two kids are the cutest!) and other snaps of her life! 

Stay tuned for another post with some layered outfit inspo! :)

Till next time loves!

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