Friday, November 21, 2014

Read My Lips


Guys I've had an epiphany, a eureka moment, I've seen the light... I have found lipsticks and that I love them! Last week I decided to wear lipstick because I was going out and wanted a little something more with my outfit. Holy I'm obsessed with them now! I need all the lipsticks in my life. So far I have a handful but I'm slowly expanding my collection. I've heard amazing things about the NARS Audacious lipsticks and that's next on my list to get. I neeeed it. 

Anyways, today I thought that I'd show my favorite lipsticks that I've been wearing pretty frequently! 

I only have 4 but I feel like these colors are the basic shades for the wintertime. You have a classic red lip, a dusty pink, a berry and deep wine color.

Rimmel Kate Moss No. 09 (regular finish)// e.l.f. Matte lip color in Rich Red// Rimmel Kate Moss No. 104 (matte finish)// Rimmel No. 124 'Bourdeux' (regular finish)//
I bought all of these at Target, but you can find the Rimmel ones anywhere; Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Ulta and the e.l.f one at Target or online. All the colors were under $5 and for the quality a steal of a deal. I'll get into that later. 

No. 1//

 This is no. 9 by Rimmel by Kate Moss. This is a gorgeous, reddish, berry color. It's a very opaque color and only takes one swipe to achieve the deep shade. It's the regular finish but I wore it as a matte and it looked absolutely gorgeous too. I will say that it is a bit drying on the lips after awhile so definitely wear a lip balm under. 

No. 2// 

Like no. 9, this is also a Rimmel by Kate Moss in no. 104. It's a pretty dusty, mauvy pink. I think this is the perfect winter pink color. I wore this while running errands today and it's a great everyday pink shade. This is the matte finish and it's also a bit drying so wear a lip balm under too. 

No. 3//

This is Bordeaux, no. 124, by Rimmel. This is suuuch a beautiful color that pictures don't even showcase the color. This is the definition of a deep wine color, thus the name. This is from their regular lipstick line and is more of a creamy texture. The only thing I don't like is it does settle into the fine lines of the lips so wearing a lip balm is a must. I've heard that it's a dupe to MAC's 'Diva' lipstick so if you're looking for a less expensive option I'd definitely recommend checking it out!

No. 4//

I had been looking for that classic, bright red lipstick and I found it. This is the matte lipcolor by e.l.f and it's the most gorgeous shade of red ever! It's a fire engine red that goes on like a dream. It's not as drying as the other matte color but I still apply lip balm. I am absolutely in love with this color and it's the perfect holiday party red lip. I love the packaging too; it's a pencil form which allows for precise application. 

Top to bottom: Rimmel No. 104// Rimmel No. 09// Rimmel No. 124// e.l.f. Rich Red

Here are swatches of the colors. I tried my best to get an accurate color but they might be a tad off since I'm new to the whole beauty blogging sphere.

As you can tell I love the Rimmel lipsticks and will be picking up more in the very near future. The quality doesn't seem like an under $5 quality, it feels like a high end lipstick. I love the Kate Moss collection and highly recommend checking them out if you're looking for some new colors! 

Here's an article about the do's and don'ts of applying dark lip colors that I found pretty handy when wearing these shades! 

So those are all my lipsticks I've been loving and wearing every chance I get! I am obsessed with them now so I'm on the hunt for more. Let me know what you're favorites are and which ones I need in my collection and would recommend! :) 

Happy lipsticking!
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"give a women the right lipstick and she can conquer the world" 

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