Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's Coffee O'Clock Somewhere

I love coffee. Actually love is an understatement. I'm addicted, obsessed with coffee. Give me coffee or give me death! Anywho.... if you've been on Pinterest and if you haven't you're seriously missing out, then you've probably seen photos like this...

The super cute and chic coffee cart trend; a new fresh take on the traditional bar cart! I personally love this idea because A) I'm not 21 yet and B) I personally can't live without coffee and C) It's a fun and creative way to dress up your morning cup of joe!

I definitely will be doing a coffee cart in my future space. I love the idea of you're own little Starbucks corner in your kitchen, dining room or living area! There are so many ways you can decorate it too and I'm all down for decorating! 

So this got me thinking if I were to have a coffee cart what would I put on it? Below are my picks for my coffee cart when I get one. And don't worry, I will be getting one. It's just another legit reason for me to decorate and buy things to decorate with. ;)

Glass container // Sugar bowl// Coffee mug display// Latte print// But first coffee print// Keurig// Good Morning mug// Coffee mug// Coffee and Donuts mug// Coffee spoon// Bar cart//

Here are a few more goodies that I would include on my coffee cart; Paris mug, Monogram mug because if it doesn't move monogram it duh, a less expensive coffee cart, less Monday more coffee mug, but first coffee mug and a coffee is always a good idea mug. As you can tell I'm a little coffee mug obsessed. #sorrynotsorry 

Places to look for cute coffee cart items are TJ Maxx, Homegoods, World Market, Pottery Barn, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. Homegoods and World Market also sells gourmet and specialty coffees and teas perfect for stocking up on! 

Like this cute idea? What items would you add? Lemme know in the comments! I love hearing your thoughts! :)

Till next time loves!

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"coffee smells like freshly ground heaven" 

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