Thursday, November 6, 2014

Current Beauty Faves

Just like the changing of the fashion seasons my beauty products change with it. I go from wearing BB cream to foundation and from chapstick to darker lips. I'm not a huge make-up girl but I do dabble in it. Recently there have been five beauty products which I have been loving and wearing pretty much all the time. They're definitely geared towards the cooler weather with more "umph" than normal. So here are my current beauty favorites!

Covergirl 'outlast stay fabulous' liquid foundation (Medium Beige 842)// NYC 'CityPROOF intense' lip color (Roosevelt Island Red)// Mary Kay 'lash love' mascara (i  black)// Kardashian Beauty nail polish (Feverdream)// Mary Kay single eyeshadow (Hazelnut)//

You guys have heard me talk about this foundation is a couple posts already and I absolutely love it! It might be my favorite foundation ever. It's got amazing coverage, it doesn't feel cakey or heavy, a wide range of colors, super blendable and doesn't leave my skin oily or shiny after several hours. It's a godsend. If you're looking for a new foundation to try I highly recommend this one! 
Now I'm not a huge lipstick/lip color person. Actually I hardly wear anything on my lips other than chapstick at all. But I have been loving seeing the red/wine/vampy colored lips and decided to give it a go. I wanted to ease myself into it so I bought this NYC lipstain. This color is a perfect intro color! It's a reddish color with almost a brownish undertone. It's a brick red essentially. I like the color, it's sheer but buildable and has a nice glossy finish so no lipgloss needed! I usually wear just a swipe or two on my lips to give them some more color. I'm terrible at explaining beauty related things so check out this review on it! 
I have the wimpiest excuse for eye-lashes. They're short and stumpy and pathetic looking. I layer upon layer upon layer up my mascara to get them too look halfway decent. I was actually asked if Asian's have eye-lashes... I was at a Mary Kay party a while back and tried this mascara and HOLY LASHES! It gave me the most thick and long lashes with only one coat! I was in love. Like seriously I'd marry this mascara. It's amazing and you should definitely try it! 

Hold the judgement about me getting a Kardashian beauty product. I know I kinda hate myself a little bit too. I was in Ulta the other day and was perusing the clearance section like I do and I found this nail polish. I had been looking for a burgany/wine/vampy nail polish and this was it! It's a gorgeous deep wine color that's pretty opaque. Two coats got me a beautiful finish and dark color. I'm currently wearing this on my nails and don't want to take it off. It's the perfect fall nail color. 
Last is this Mary Kay eye shadow. I reserved eye shadow for special occasion looks but recently I've been loving wearing a neutral color whenever I go out. This has been that go- to color. It's a matte mocha colored shadow that's the perfect everyday color. It's not super dark but gives a nice wash of color. I love it! Just a quick search and I found that MAC's 'Soft Brown' eye shadow is a pretty similar dupe for this one. Here's a review with swatches of this fabulous shadow since I can't explain beauty things worth anything. 

I plan on doing a make-up look using all of these products soon! This is basically my everyday fall makeup so a post on this look will be coming soon! :)
What are your favorite fall beauty products at the moment? Have any that I definitely should check out? Lemme know in the comments below! 

Till next time loves!

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