Friday, November 21, 2014

All Stuck Up

I love stickers. I've always loved stickers ever since I was a kid. I would save the 'cool' ones and I had a box chalk full of them. Fast forward to now and I still collect them, except instead of princesses and horses it's Vineyard Vines and Southern Tide. Today I'm going to share with you guys tons of companies that will send you free stickers! Because really who doesn't love free stickers?

Most of the companies will send you some if you just ask. I emailed them and said that I was a huge lover and supporter of their brand and wondered if they could send me some stickers so I could show off my support. They emailed back asking for my address and within a few weeks I had some sweet new stickers! With the exception of Fraternity Collection (send a self addressed letter with stamp) and Marley Lilly (free but you pay shipping) the rest will send you stickers free of charge. Most of them if you buy their products they send stickers as well. 

This is my sticker collection and it's still growing! As you can tell I love stickers... like a lot. With the exception of my monogram and frat collection bowtie on my computer I don't really stick them on anything. I just like collecting them.. I know I'm weird..... 

Know any companies that give out free stickers? Share the sticker love in the comments! :) 

Happy sticking!

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"you can never have too many stickers"