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Summer to Fall Fashion: Guest Post

Hi guys! Today on the blog is something a little different but I'm super excited about! Today's post is the first in my guest blogger series! Every now and again I'm going to have a guest blogger come and write a post about anything they want for my blog! I follow an absurdly amount of bloggers and wanted to share them with you all and help them promote their blog and get their name out! 

The first blogger in the series is  Harlee, aka ClassyNCBelle on Twitter. I started following her awhile back and soon we became friends. She started up a blog not too long ago and of course I started following it. She's a lifestyle blog writing about fashion, music, photography and all sorts of other things. She's such a sweetie so definitely go and check her out! Send lots of love her way! :)

Okay so without further adieu here's the first post in my guest blogger series! 

Hey y'all! I'm Harlee or the person behind FourWhitePolos! Samantha asked me over Twitter if I wanted to do a guest post on her blog, so of course I said yes! I had a hard time trying to decide what subject to write about, so I decided on writing about how to take some of your summer clothes and turning them into fall outfits!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, between everything being pumpkin flavored, cooler weather, and legging season, I love it all! I also love fall fashion, the styles are my favorite, but one of the hardest things is trying to transition my summer clothes into fall clothes. So I decided to share some of my favorite looks with you guys, featuring some of my summer pieces!


My first look features a navy gingham shirt! I wore my gingham shirt from Target all the time this summer! It's very light, but durable at the same time.  For the fall, I plan on layering it with a colored sweater, vest, jeans or leggings, and of course my beloved Bean Boots! It's one of the most popular looks this season, and I can't wait to wear it!Picture

This is one look that I can't wait to wear! I purchased the Lilly Pulitzer Tusk in Sun Eliza dress this summer, and I've worn it so much! When I saw this look on Pinterest, I immediately fell in love.  This dress was on of my summer staples, so when I saw how to style it for the fall, I was thrilled! I plan on wearing it with a pink, or red vest, with a statement necklace, and my nude flats!


This is one of my favorite looks! Roll the sleeves down on those Ralph Lauren oxfords, and you have one of my favorite fall shirts! I always add a sweater or blazer, a pleated skirt, pearls or monogram necklace, and some flats! This look can go casual or formal with a little bit of dressing it up!


I LOVE Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Tops, they're one of my favorite summer pieces, and now I'm making them work for the fall! I plan on pairing mine with a scarf, with some skinny jeans, and flats or booties! You could also switch the scarf for a vest, and add some Hunters, and you have the perfect rainy day outfit! Elsa tops are so versatile, and I can't wait to style mine!


My last outfit is probably the one I wear the most, a spirit jersey, leggings, and my Bean boots. It's casual, cute, and comfy at the same time! Spirit Jersey's are my obsession, I wear them all year long, and you can never have too many! Living in a college town, almost every store has some sort of Spirit Jersey, but you can never go wrong with Southern Shirt Co.!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and got some ideas on using some summer clothing items for fall outfits! I can't wait to start styling for fall!

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