Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Places to Go, People to See

Hello lovelies! Hope you're feeling fabulous! Today I'm going to be sharing with you my 10 places I want to travel to. I have a deep wanderlust that runs through me. Some days I want to pack up everything I have, book a one-way ticket and just go. Go explore, discover, live, love, laugh, eat, do, see, experience. One of these days I'm going to. I want to travel the entire world and see everything but I do have a list of places I have to, will see in my lifetime. They're places all over the world from right here in the US to the land down under! So let's see where in the world I want to go! 

#1: Italy

Ever since I saw the Lizzie McGuire movie, When in Rome with the Olsen twins and basically any other movie set in Italy I've always wanted to go. To visit the Colosseum, Trivvy Fountain, eat real Italian, ride a gondola, the list goes on and on. But one of my top places that I want to visit is the Amalfi Coast. The brightly colored houses, the beautiful coastline and the sun setting on the horizon is like something from a very beautiful dream.  
#2: New York

The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple, the concrete jungle; whatever you call it there's no busier, brighter city than New York. NYFW, Broadway, Upper East Side socialites, the hustle and bustle of the streets; New York where one goes to see their name in lights. My dream is to be there in the fall time when Central Park is all in color of red, yellow, orange and the air is crisp or in the winter when there's a white snow on the ground, everything is lit up with lights, wreaths and bells. Magical is New York. 

#3: The United Kingdom 

I have had the wanderlust to visit England ever since I can remember. Maybe it was from the Parent Trap or Winning London or just the poshness of London that's drawn me to it. Something about it just feels right. The English countryside, the fashion, the people, the music, the atmosphere it just feels right. I'd love to live there for a year in a quaint little flat and work as an event planner or something in that related field. It'd be the dream. 

#4: France 

France could be the most romantic, beautiful, glamourous city in the world. The atmosphere, the Eiffel Tower, the shopping, history, everything about it screams "timeless beauty".  I want nothing more than to sit in a quaint little Parisian cafe sipping on an espresso eating a croissant or drinking wine and eating cheese and a baguette on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower or even taking a romantic midnight stroll while all dolled up to see the City of Lights with my love. Clearly I've been watching too many romantic movies... 

#5: Bali

You know those pictures you see of the pained elephants and the private huts in the crystal clear water? That's Bali. Bali might be the heaven on Earth. I mean how beautiful does that look? Like something from a dream. I would love to spend a week there. Bliss, absolute bliss. 

#6: Colorado

Picture this with me: beautiful mountains, pristine lakes, brilliantly colored trees, air so crisp and clean, exploring and hiking taking in the view that looks like a painting and if you weren't there you'd think it was. That's basically Colorado. I want to go so badly! Take a couple friends and go backpacking through the mountains. #wanderlust

#7: Fiji

I love the ocean, beach, palm trees and sunshine. My heart craves being in warm climates. Fiji is one of those bucket list places where you go and have the time of your life. You swim next to sea turtles and fruity drinks and dance all night on the beach. It's paradise. 

#8: Greece

Greece has been one of the places I've wanted to go ever since I watched Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. The ocean views, white and blue houses, gorgeous Grecian boys. I mean what's not to love?! It's full of history, romance, food, and family, all the good things in life. 

#9: Australia 

So I watched a lot of Mary-Kate and Ashley movies growing up and one of my favorites was Our Lips Are Sealed. Australia, the land of shrimp on the barbie, P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney and Hugh Jackman. I wanna swim in the Great Barrier Reef, walk along the bridge, ride a roller coaster at Luna Park and camp out on the beach. To me it's very hippie-esque which I totally love. 

#10: Aruba

Clearly you can't tell that I have a thing for tropics can you? My last place is Aruba. One of my inspirations and role models Rachel Brathen, aka yoga_girl on Instagram lives here with her husband and it's absolute paradise. All I want to be able to do is get up in the morning and do yoga on the beach or paddleboarding and watch the sun come up over the water. Nothing beats it. 

So there you have it, my top 10 places I want to travel to! I want to go all over the world, beaches, cities, mountains, everywhere. Where are places you want to travel to or have traveled to? Any places I should make a point to go? Lemme know in the comments or by tweeting me! :) 

Okay everyone, till next time! 

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