Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Making a Splash in Style

Hello friends! Welcome back! Today on le blog I'm going to be sharing with  you a purchase I'm pretty excited about! I live in the Midwest where rain and snow are two elements we get quite frequently, especially lately. I had been lusting over a pair of Hunter rain boots for ages but could never commit to the money for them. So instead I'd sit on Pinterst and pin cute outfits featuring rain boots. One day I was on the Internet as I do and I found two pairs of adorable rain boots that I knew I had to have in my closet. The first pair I saw  over at College Prepster and knew if Carly had them, I had to have them. The second pair I had to have too because you can never have too many pairs of rain boots. Or well that was my justification for buying both. Lol. 

After a little searching I even found a coupon code for 25% off and free shipping. After seeing that as a sign that I needed them I scooped them up! Within a few days they arrived at my doorstep and I squealed like a little kid on Christmas as I opened them up. I was instantly in love. We've been having a rainy period recently so they came at the perfect time. I've worn them almost every day for like two weeks straight. Plus, I've been having a ball planning outfits around them. Okay enough of me now to the shoes! 

(Note, excuse the lighting since it's been raining it's been super cloudy and dreary and I haven't had my natural lighting so the color may be a little bit skewed.)

 HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! I couldn't resist them because A) I haven't had a pair of rain boots since I was a kid and B) they're pink!! They're the perfect shade of pink, like a Barbie or bubblegum shade! I absolutely love them! And they're a matte finish which I love!

The company, Joules, is a British clothing brand that's geared towards the outdoors. The have outerwear, clothing, accessories and of course rain boots. They're very similar to Hunter's and in my opinion I think they're cuter and way more affordable. They have tons of super cute styles, colors and patterns that make rainy and snowy days a little more fun and colorful! 

These are actually the girl's rain boots since I can still fit into kids sizes. Perk of having small feet! The really awesome thing about Joules is their "girl's" sizes actually go all the way up to adult size 9! I ordered an adult size 3 since that's what I wear in normal kid's shoes and in men's Converse. I assumed the adult sizes were men's sizes as there's no such thing as a women's '3'. I went by the Converse size conversion chart to help me pick a size. I will say that I should have gotten a size 4. The 3's fit me perfectly but don't give me much wiggle room to wear thick socks to keep my feet warm. I probably could get away with wearing a pair but it'd be a tight squeeze! 

They hit me about mid calf which is expected since they're kid's sizes. Nonetheless I love them and have been wearing them pretty much every day. 

 I love the yellow and navy stripe down the back. It gives it a nice unexpected twist on them and really compliment the pink. 

The cute little tags that came with my boots!
I love the boot bag that came with it! This will be great to keep them stored when it's the off season! And the quote is pretty cute too!
Isn't the packaging just the prettiest?! I love the bright floral print!
Overall I'm completely in love with these boots and would definitely recommend checking Joules out if you're in need of a pair of rain boots this season! They're some of my favorite shoes and are definitely a staple for this fall and winter! I seriously am so obsessed with them. Be on the lookout for fashion posts featuring these beauties and follow me on Insta, @samantha_goble for photos too! 

Till next time lovelies!

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"when it rains on your parade just put on your really cute rain boots" 

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