Friday, October 24, 2014

Instagram vs. Reality

Hello again! Today on le blog I'm going to be doing a post that went around a while back. It's the 'Instagram vs. Reality' post. I'm a huuuge Instagrammer and love sharing photos of my life with my friends and followers. But sometimes Instagram tends to distort reality. We filter, edit and pose the pictures to make it seem like everything is perfect and peachy. The truth behind every photo is that while the photo is perfect or may seem perfect, the person in it or taking it is not. We do not have perfect, everything in it's place, flawless hair and makeup and on point outfits and spotless rooms and desks or lives. We are crazy and messy and sometimes don't have it all together and that's perfectly okay. Not to get all deep with life words of wisdom here but I thought I'd preface the post so you guys have an idea of where I'm coming from. So onto the actual post! 

"Pretty pumpkins and pink rain boots."
Instagam: Aren't my pink rain boots just adorable!? And with the pumpkins?! How freaking festive for fall! omg.

Reality: Having everyone who's outside looking at the pumpkins and coming out of the grocery store staring at me and looking at me like I'm crazy for taking pictures with pumpkins. #embarassed

"a girl and her bed on sunday's are an endless love affair" 
Instagram: Look at my flannel sheets and cute sweatpants and delicious coffee and fitting, artsy quote and omg doesn't this look like a hipster, tumblr photo?!

Reality: Having to put on sweatpants for the sake of the photo and holding/balancing my coffee on my legs while my other hand holds my phone upside down on selfie mode trying to take the photo and not trying to spill coffee on me and making sure my legs get into the photo. 

"hashtag mom status"

Instagram: I would be such a cute little mom with my stroller and cute little girl with the bow in her hair singing Let It Go as we walk to the park to play. 

Reality: I got tons of weird looks from the people driving by as I had one hand on the stroller pushing, trying to steer it and not go off the sidewalk, while my other hand took the picture and halfway there the baby threw up all over herself so I had to stop and clean it up and got it on me so yeah mom status.

"I lost my heart to the ocean and with it a piece of my soul"
Instagram: omg look the sand and beach and ocean and cute little feet and the tide's coming in and it's the perfect photo and this is so tumblry and the quote is perfect.

Reality: Again getting strange looks from all the people at the beach while I'm taking a picture of my feet and standing in the cold water for a good 10 minutes taking about a bajillion pictures because the camera wouldn't focus because the tide was coming and going so fast and people were probably thinking this girl is mental, she's taking pictures of her feet what is wrong with her.

"This one time I saw @carly and @stonecoldbetch
wearing Essie'sAfter School Boy Blazer so I
went out and bought Essie's After School
Boy Blazer."

Instagram: Look how artsy and fall-y this photo is. My nails are painted a dark navy color and perfectly and look how clean the background is the caption is so totally fetch. 

Reality: The background is a white piece of computer paper covering up my ugly desk and there's a mess of papers and notebooks and pens and receipts on it and my nails look terrible because I forgot to push back my cuticles and I hoped the filter would blur it out and the leaves are fake because when I took this it wasn't even fall yet and none of the trees had changed and dropped the bottle on my bathroom floor and there's a little crack in it but I'm hoping you can't notice. 

So there you have it everyone, the truth, I'm a fake. Gasp! Instagram is an outlet for what we want everyone to think, not what actually is. And I also love taking photos of my feet/legs.... 

Lemme know your thoughts on Instagram vs. Reality in the comments or by tweeting me. 

Till next time!

"not all that glitters is gold"

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