Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Layered Up

Hello Internet friends! How are you doing on this nice day? Today's post is my first ever fashion post! Yay! I haven't done a fashion post yet because I was nervous and I didn't have a 'photographer'. After finally working up the courage to shoot one because it was a beautiful fall day and my outfit was on point, I managed to bribe my brother to be my photographer. I have to say he didn't do too bad of a job. So now that the first one is done expect a LOT more fashion posts! These are honestly my favorite so I hope they'll be yours too! Okay let's get onto my outfit of the day! 

I was going to my grandpa's 86th birthday party that evening but before we went I wanted to stop by the shopping mall near their house. It's an outdoor/courtyard style mall so I wanted to be warm for sure. It was a beautiful Midwest October day so I took full advantage of the chilly temperatures. Recently it had been quite toasty warm so I hadn't been able to wear my fall layers. I actually had to break out a pair of shorts on one of the days. Gotta love Midwest weather. (Read in a very sarcastic, eye roll tone) It was about 60ish degrees give or take and pretty windy so I bundled up. 

Pretending I can model lol



Necklace: Target (similar)// Sweater: Garage Clothing// Vest: Loft (similar)// Jacket: Old Navy// Leggings: Kohl's// Boots: Target (similar)// Sunglasses: Unknown (similar)//

I love, love, love layers and today was the perfect day for them. I wore a cream chunky knit sweater and layered by navy quilted puffer vest over top. Since my sweater was an open knit on the sleeves I wanted to make sure they were covered so I wore my tan utility jacket over it. I love this jacket and it will definitely be a fall fashion staple. I wore leggings because leggings and my favorite riding boots. Finishing off the look is my red flower necklace. I'm literally a walking J. Crew ad. #idonthateit 

And here are a couple blooper photos because for every 1 decent photo I take there's about 10 derp faced ones. Lol.
"Whaddup homie?" 
I hope you all liked this fashion post! I have so many more fashion ideas that it's ridiculous. I'm excited to be posting them soon so keep on the lookout for them! I know I'm not a model by any means, trust me I know, so no need to remind me. Lol. 

Lemme know in the comments or by tweeting me what you think of my outfit and how you layer up for fall! :) 

Till next time!

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"no. 1 rule of fashion: always wear what you want to wear"