Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall into Autumn: Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey y'all! Today's post is going to be all about dressing up! So Halloween is next week and that means trying to figure out a costume this year. If you don't want to show up dressed the same as 5 other people then this post is for you! Whether your're going to a Halloween college party with your girls, boyfriend or by yourself or you are just dressing up for the heck of it here's some easy DIY costume ideas!


Grab your guy, a suit and tie, a glitzy dress, headband, a champagne glass and you're insta-Gatsby!


This is a fun and fabulous costume for you and your best friend! Definite nod to the 90s!

Hipster Disney Princesses

Why not combine Disney princesses and hipsters together! All you need is your girls, Disney princess outfits, hipster style of course, and these hipsterworthy signs!

Burt and Marry Poppins

This is easily one of my favorite couples costumes ever! I love Mary Poppins and this is such a cute and timeless costume! If you didn't have a guy you could go just as Mary like Lauren Conrad did!                      
                      Blair/Chuck or Blair/Serena        

You know you wanna go as the King and Queen Bee of the Upper East Side, I mean who doesn't! Or if you wanna go with your best friend grab some cute dresses, heels and accessories and you're best betches. If you're going alone you can be the Queen Bee herself. A plaid skirt, white button down, knee high socks, flats and a bow headband and you're unstoppable! Or if you're going with a group be the whole Gossip Girl group complete with Lonely Boy, Little J and Golden Boy. 

David and Victoria Beckham

This is a super easy and cute couple costume! Be the posh powerhouse couple David and Victoria Beckham! Grab a soccer jersey, shorts, soccer socks, a LBD, killer heels and you're now the Beckhams!


*I am in NO way making fun of sorority girls or Sarah. I am a follower of Sarah and have been for a long time and love her style and this is in no way, shape or form making fun.*
Norts, an oversized pocket tee and Jacks are a super easy and not to mention comfortable Halloween outfit! #typicalwhitegirl You could even dress like your favorite Youtuber!

The Plastics

This is a funny and simple idea to recreate! You can be the Plastics themselves with pink tops, black bottoms and heels. If you wanna go all out you can be each of the Plastics Halloween costumes! 

Smalls and Wendy Peffercorn 

If you're a 90s kid and you don't get this iconic reference then "You're killin me Smalls!" Do I need to say more? I hope not.  

Spice Girls

I'll tell you what I want what I really, really want.... is to be the Spice Girls for Halloween! Grab Posh, Sporty, Scary, Baby and Ginger Spice and your friendship never ends!


I love this one solely because it's a total play on frats/sororities! Grab your girls, oversized buttondowns, boxer shorts, ballcaps and some black paper letters and you're a #tfm. Another idea is dressing up like frat/college guys! 

I hope you guys got some inspiration for your Halloween this year! I think these are fun, simple and cute outfit ideas that anyone can re-create! If you're needing some more inspiration Pinterest is a great place to head to find tooons more costume ideas! 

Lemme know in the comments or by tweeting me what you're favorite outfit was or what you'll be wearing for Halloween! If you re-create any of these tag me so I can see them! :) 

Till next time!

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