Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Into Autumn: Fall Bucketlist

Hello there lovely people! Today on le blog I'm going to be sharing with you my fall bucketlist! I always make a bucketlist for every season. It's a fun way to keep track of the activities you wanna do! The goal is to accomplish every activity you wrote down. I never seem to fully accomplish them. I'm always missing a few activities. Nonetheless, I decided to create one for fall! So here's my fall bucketlist! 

So far I've accomplished 6 of my activities. I think I'm doing alright! Hopefully I can keep on crossing them off! 

You can create your own bucketlist or use mine! If you decide to take part in the fall bucketlist challenge comment, tag or tweet me so I can see you being all autumnal! And yes autumnal is a real word I did not just make it up. Lol.

Till next time!

"do all those things you want to do"

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