Friday, October 10, 2014

Buzz Beach Ball

Hello all! Hope you're having a great day! Today on the blog I'm going to be recapping the craziest concert experience I had. So this post is abut a month late..... oops but it'll totally be worth it I swear! Earlier in September, the 5th to be exact, I along with a few friends of mine went to a one day music festival. It was called Buzz Beach Ball and it was put on by our local alternative radio station.  I saw that The 1975 were headlining and freaked out because they're one of the artists I wanna see live. After my little freak out I bought my tickets and got 'floor' seating so I was beyond excited! Soon the day of the concert came and me and my two friends drove up to the stadium where it was at. We waited in line and finally got inside and it was nuts. Not even 20 minutes to us being there it started POURING down rain. Like not a little drizzle or sprinkle like torrential downpour. Thankfully we did bring hoodies so we bundled up and waited for the rain to pass. It finally did and from about 5ish on it was a beautiful, clear skies night! 

I'm going to be totally honest, I only went for one band and that was The 1975. But while I was there I fell in love with the one that went right before them. I found The Mowgli's. They're an LA based indie rock band and their lead singer is actually from my area! Their songs are super catchy, upbeat and just fun songs. I really enjoyed their performance and they had a great energy! Definitely check them out because you won't be disappointed! They're actually coming to my city with the American Authors and Echosmith so if anyone wants to get me tickets I'll bake you cookies! :) 

The 1975 was the first of their headliners to perform and I don't even have words to explain their set. Watching them perform, watching Matty perform is such an unreal thing. It's a spiritual experience like none other. He puts so much emotion into the songs. Their songs are so much better live. You can hear the emotion and feeling within them. Easily one of the best performances I've ever seen. They're also coming to my city and playing in a small theatre and I would KILL to see them in a much smaller, more intimate setting. So if anyone wants to get me tickets to it I'll bake you cupcakes :) 

We stayed for the entire night  (we were there from 3pm to about 1am) and listened to a bunch of other bands and sets but those two were definitely my favorite. Arctic Monkey's was the last headliner to perform and they were really good too. I'm not a huge fan so I wasn't all that interested but my friend Riley who went with me loved them. Overall it was such a crazy, amazing, unforgettable experience. I was kinda nervous to go as I've never been to something like this before, especially going with a group of girls. I didn't really know what to expect. I will definitely say that it was a really positive experience. Since we were on the floor there were people surrounding us on all sides. The guys that we were standing by were super nice and made sure that we were okay if we got pushed or if someone was crowd surfing over us they made sure to help us pass them along. I never felt uncomfortable or scared. If anything I felt safer. With the exception of a couple of guys being douchebags it was a great experience and I definitely recommend going to something like this at least once in your life. 

I can't wait till next year and will definitely be going to more of these! Okay so enough of me talking and now onto the pictures and videos!

Me and my friends Riley and Sarah!
So you can't really tell but it's pouring down rain right now. It was like a monsoon.
Rain selfie!

Group photo! 

Finally it stopped raining and the sun came out! Yay!
The Mowgli's!

They were amazing and I'm definitely a fan now! 
The Mowgli's

THE 1975!

This one is a Youtube video because it was too big to upload as a clip. 

This was one of the best experiences I've had and definitely a night I won't forget. Thank you Buzz Beach Ball! 

Lemme know in the comments or by tweeting me what your favorite, craziest concert experience was! :) 

Till next time!

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