Sunday, September 14, 2014

Social Sunday!

Hellooo everyone! It's Sunday and it's time for another Social Sunday post! This week's questions are favorite items! :)

1. Favorite scent?
Ooh this one is tough but I'm going to have to say fresh baked cookies. No other smell beats it. Man now I want some fresh chocolate chip cookies....

2. Favorite food?
Another hard one but I'm going to have to say popcorn. I could eat this stuff all day, erry day. 

3. Favorite sound?
When it's raining outside. That is the best sound ever. 

4. Favorite picture currently on your phone?
Probably this one that I took when I was in San Diego. It's my background on my phone and I absolutely love it. I love the colors of the sunset and the silhouette of the palm trees. It makes me miss Cali so much. 

5. Best memory of the year so far?
Oh god I don't even know. I've had so many amazing memories so far this year. I can't even choose one. 

Those are all the questions for this week! Lemme know in the comments or by tweeting me what your favorite food, scent, sound, picture and memory of the year so far is! :) 

Till next time!

"sundays are pajama days"

Sunday Social

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