Sunday, September 28, 2014

Internet Inspiration

Hi, hey there, hello! Welcome! Today on le blog I am going to be sharing with you my social media/internet inspirations! I spend the majority of my day on the Internet, one because I'm taking all online classes and two, because I'm slightly addicted... #sorrynotsorry My favorite social media mediums are Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. My social media addiction does serve a purpose; I get inspired. I'm inspired by an outfit on Instagram, a quote on Pinterest, a pretty picture on Tumblr or a funny tweet on Twitter. I get inspired for my blog and my own life. So I thought I'd share with y'all things that have inspired me and maybe they'll inspire you! :)

via Pinterest
Fall is upon us and I'm so incredibly happy! I love everything about this photo; the crisp, crunchy leaves, the adorable booties and on point outfit. 

via Instagram: pineapplesandcoffeecups

How cute is this bar cart from the Instagrammer PineapplesAndCoffeeCups!? And the donut pumpkins?! I'm obsessing hardcore over everything in this picture. I also know how I'm decorating my pumpkins this year! Check out my blog post to see how to DIY them!

via blog: History In High Heels 
 I love cute drawings and watercolors and when I saw this one I knew this was going to be in my room somewhere! All of my favorite things about fall on a watercolor Starbucks cup! Love it!
via Pinterest
 I saw this photo on Pinterest and I loved everything about it. The berry colored hat, flawless makeup, perfect boho braid and of course the chunky knit and fall-esque scarf. This to me screams fall time and I am in absolute love. I need to get my hands on a hat like that! (Hehe I rhymed) 

via Pinterest 
This is such an on point outfit. I can't even about it. It's perfect, simply perfect! I have a pair of cranberry skinnies that I'm DYING to break out and start styling. I really want an elbow patch sweater but the only one I can find is from J. Crew and I just can't spend the ungodly amount of money on it. If you have an suggestions PLEASE let me know! 

via Tumblr
And finally a laugh/smile Nate Archibald, aka Chace Crawford, because I mean look at that smile..... that boy can make me swoon. Holy. Also, someone tell me where I can find a Nate Archibald. I'm in desperate need of one. 

I hope this was somewhat enjoyable and maybe you found some inspiration or it just brightened up your day! :)

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Lemme know what things have inspired you! 

Till next time!

"inspiration is the rocket fuel that makes ordinary days extraordinary"

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