Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Into Autumn: A Guide to Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Hi there and welcome back to my blog! Today is my first post in my fall series, 'Fall Into Autumn'!  I love fall it's my absolute favorite season. I love everything about it the colors, Thanksgiving, pumpkin flavored everything but most of all the fashion, sweaters, boots, leggings. Today will be my, 'Guide to Fall Wardrobe Essentials'! All my essential wardrobe pieces that I and now you must have for fall.. My style in the fall definitely leans more preppy and sophisticated. If you're style isn't so much preppy that's alright! A lot of these pieces can be transitioned to really any fashion style. Fashion is about finding what works for your style. "Don't change to fit fashion, change fashion to fit you." And with that here's my Fall Wardrobe Essentials!

#1: J. Crew // #2: Forever 21 // #3: Forever 21 // #4: Hollister  // #5: Forever 21 //  #6: Forever 21 // 
One word, plaid. Plaid is one of my staples in the fall. I wear it like it's going out of style. My favorite way to wear it is layered under a sweater or by itself with a pair of jeggings. This fall I'm going to branch out my plaid obsession and try a plaid skirt (channeling my inner Blair Waldorf) and maybe a scarf too. Everywhere has plaid, it's like a mandatory item to sell during the fall. My favorite places for them are Forever 21. They have cute pieces that are affordable so you can experiment with as much plaid as you like! 
#1:  H&M // #2: J. Crew // #3: H&M // #4: J. Crew // #5: American Eagle // 
Fall wouldn't be fall without sweaters! The more the merrier! In my fall wardrobe I have to have a striped sweater (the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time), a cream, cable knit, a burgundy knit, chunky, boyfriend cardigan sweaters and a navy sweater. These are classic pieces that can be dressed up or down! 

#1: Victoria Secret // #2: American Eagle // #3: American Eagle // #4: J. Crew // 
Jeggings and leggings: basically every girl lives out of these in the fall. I honestly don't even wear real jeans hardly anymore in the fall. My absolute favorite pair that I recently discovered this past fall are the J. Crew Gigi pants. These are the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever worn. They are perfect for running errands or for a night out. They will be your new favorite piece of clothing. 

#1: Target // #2: Macy's // #3: Target // #4: Forever 21 // #5: L.L. Bean // 
Boots, boots,boots! Riding boots, booties and a pair of cute snow boots are definite staples in my closet. One can never have too many pairs! My boot collection has grown exponentially recently. I've been on a boot obsession. The next pair I need to get? A pair of rain boots. I would die for a pair of Hunter's but I can't fork out $150 but Target has a pair that's a look alike that's less than $50. Much easier on the wallet. 

#1: Zara // #2: J. Crew // #3: Gap// #4: H&M // 
If you live in a cold weather climate like I do vests and jacket's not only serve as a cute fashion piece but also a warm one. The J. Crew herringbone vest I've had my eye on for awhile now. It needs to come home with me. It's cute, warm and super versatile. I love seeing how people style it! Utility jackets have also been on my fall fashion radar lately. I think they give an edge to an outfit, I'm just not sure if I can pull off the army green color. Thoughts?

#1: Gap // #2: J. Crew // #3: J. Crew // #4: Gap // 
Button ups are one of my favorite fall staples. I love how clean, classy and effortless they look. You can pop one on with leggings and boots for going grocery shopping and doing errands or wear one with a skirt and heels for a night out. They're so versatile and timeless. My closet can't live without them!

"comfy sweaters, warm drinks, pretty colors. i love fall"

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