Sunday, August 3, 2014

Samantha's School Survival Guide: Back to School Must Haves

Hey everyone! Well it's that time of year again.... back to school. I know that it's the last thing you wanna think about. School. Homework. Tests. College applications. But all good things must come to an end. Although summer isn't quite over yet I thought I'd get a jump on my 'Back to School' series, cleverly titled, 'Sam's School Survival Guide', and today I decided to share with you my must haves to going to school! All the things mentioned can be used in middle school, high school or college! So let us get on with the lesson! 

First up is having a good school bag! You're going to be toting around books, binders, pens, homework and tons of other stuff in your bag so it's necessary you have one that is both cute and functional. I personally like backpacks, as they offer support and stability for your back and arms and you can cram a TON of stuff into them. They're practical and there are a bunch of cute ones out there. And if you are super busy, like I was in school, that's exactly what you need! 

#1: Lilly Pulitzer agenda // #2: Target striped planner // #3 Kate Spade polka dot agenda // #4 Kate Spade bookcase agenda // #5 Kate Spade striped agenda // 

Next is having a planner or agenda. If you're school doesn't provide one I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend getting one. My planner was my life in high school. Literally my entire day was planned out in it. Everything was in there and god forbid that I lost it I would probably curl up and die. It was everything to me. But when you're in 7+ activities, taking college classes, filling out scholarship applications, balancing family and still managing a social life a planner is a necessity to life. I wish that I got a cute planner when I was in school. My favorite are the Kate Spade ones! I think they're so cute and definitely will keep you organized! I actually have #2 and I'm super excited to use it this fall! Plus, it's striped and who doesn't love a good stripe! 

How cute are these pencils?! If I had these adorable pencils in school I'm sure I would have loved to do my homework! If you're gonna do homework, might as well do it in style! And these pens are my faaavorite pens ever! They are super fine point, come in a bunch of different colors and are perfect for color coding notes or your planner. These beauties were my best friends in school. 

Technology is quite possibly the most important must have for school. In the world of selfies, apps and writing papers having your phone, iPad or computer with you is a requirement. I mean having a cute laptop case does make writing that 6 page paper a bit easier. Or that iPhone case can jazz up any outfit. Cases are accessories too.  Gotta protect in style!

#1: Kate Spade tumbler // #2: Camelbak with monogram sticker (sticker not included) // #3: Vera Bradley tumbler // 

Keeping hydrated is soo important! I always carried a water bottle with me during school. I used the double walled Camelbak one so that I didn't get my papers/notebooks/textbooks wet from the condensation. There are tons of cute water bottles to choose from. If you already have one and want to jazz it up you can buy a monogram decal from Etsy and stick it on it. If it doesn't move monogram it! This is good if you do sports and you don't want other people using your bottle. You'll always know which is yours! 

If you take your lunch then you're going to need something to carry it all in. I wish I had taken my lunch more in school. I love Bento boxes because if you're like me and don't want to use tons of plastic bags or your food to touch it's perfect. Each item has it's own little compartment and you can reuse it. When I did take my lunch I always took an insulated lunch bag and freezer packs to keep everything cool. There are tons of cute ones out there for every price range. 

Last thing, you can buy monogram decals off of Etsy in various sizes and colors and designs for pretty cheap and use it to monogram your planners, notebooks, folders, phones, water bottles and whatever else your heart desires! I'm getting one and putting it on the cover of my planner! 

There you have it guys! All my Back to School Must Haves! These things are definitely my must haves for a cute and stylish school year. Lemme know in the comments or by tweeting me what your back to school must haves are! Are they things from my list or something new? I'd love to know! :) 

Keep checking back for more in my 'Schooling with Sam' series! I have a few more posts I want to put up! 

Till next time lovelies! 

"what we learn becomes a part of who we are" 


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