Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Antiquing and Exploring Downtown

Hello Internet friends! Welcome back to le blog! Today's post is all about an adventure I went on Saturday with my favorite aunt, uncle and my dad! My aunt, dad and I love DIYing, antiquing, decorating/home design and just general refurbishing. We are huge DIYers. My aunt found this really cool district in the downtown area where we live that is one giant antique market and the first Friday and Saturday of every month they have the shops open and food trucks come and sell food on the street. I've wanted to go every since she told me but the first of the month would come and go waaay too quickly. So I made it a point to go this month. I was already going to be over with them for 4th of July, which was Friday, so my dad and I just stayed with them then we all went down Saturday morning. I didn't really know what to expect other than it was heaven and pretty much amazing. We pulled down there around 10am and there was already a good crowd of people in the streets. We parked and walked to the first shop.

The first shop we went into was called Good JuJu. The name alone had me hooked. They had some pieces sitting outside and I knew that I'd love this store. We walked inside and talk about sensory overload. There was stuff everywhere. I mean I had never seen so much stuff in my entire life. Furniture, decor, antiques, rustic, vintage, old, retro I mean they had it all. And there were people everywhere too! This store was in one of the old buildings and even had a second story! I did buy a few things which will be shown in another blog post that's coming so don't worry! 

They even had a live band playing on the second floor! How cool is that?!

Mirror pic.

I was so fascinated with all the buildings and old advertisements, now weathered away from the elements and age. I love looking at all the architecture and beauty of the buildings that were once bustling with people. Since we were downtown many of the buildings had really cool history as well. One of the buildings use to be the old Studebaker car building. It was about 9 stories tall and had 2 elevators that were big enough to fit cars in! They would drive the cars into the elevator then bring them up to the 4th story sales floor. They also washed the cars in the building on the 5th floor and customers could test drive them on the roof. The roof! A lot of the vendors/workers in the shops knew the very intriguing history of the building and it was neat to listen to it. Another building use to be the old Stowe hardware manufacturing plant and had an elevator big enough to fit a delivery truck inside! That one was working and we got to ride up and down in it! 

This was how high the water was when we had a huge flood in 2003. 

The food trucks!

We went into half a dozen different buildings that were floor to ceiling, wall to wall filled with things and people. A lot of the stores had a lot of unique pieces that were actually really cool. They had everything that you could ever imagine.They also had more....eclectic pieces such as a canoe and an antelope and sheep mounts. Yeah it takes a special kinda person to buy those things for their home, especially the latter two. 

I've always wondered who the people in the pictures that were at garage sales, flea markets and antique shops were. What were their story, who were they, where did they live, what happened to them? Like this child, what's their story?

This is so cool! A book arch!
It was after 1 and we were all tired from all the walking and hungry too! We decided to walk back to our car which was parked at the opposite end of the district. On the way back we stopped by this kettle corn vendor who was making a fresh batch when we walked by. We stopped and he gave us a tasting, to make sure it was up to par. Then my uncle bought this HUGE bag and we munched on it on the way back to the car and drive home. There's just something about freshly popped kettle corn, especially in the summer that just makes it 10000 times better. 

Tried to take a selfie....didn't quite turn out... Haha! 
Kettle corn.... yummmm!

I had such a good time just walking around, exploring the buildings and looking at all the things inside. If you live in the area I would definitely encourage you to check it out! You can message me on Twitter for the info about it! It's such a cool experience and who knows you might come out with a few unique items for your room or house! :) 

Till next time!

"we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us"