Wednesday, July 23, 2014

20 Random Facts About Me!

Hello again Internet friends! Long time no talk! I know I've been away for a bit but now I am back! I figured to ease back into blogging again I would share with you all 20 random facts about myself. If you know me then some might not be a surprise but some I've never shared. So let us begin the 20 random facts!

Number 1: I am adopted from Seoul, South Korea. I was adopted when I was 6 months old, put on a plane and flown more than half way across the world to my amazing family!

Number 2: I was the spelling bee winner in 7th grade in the middle school spelling be. I even have the trophy to prove it!

Number 3: I tie my shoes different than the majority of people. I do two bunny ears and loop them under. I'm the black sheep.

Number 4: I am a collector of coffee mugs and tumblers/water bottles. As of the moment I have 20+ coffee mugs and 12 water bottles/tumblers. I am always on the hunt looking for more. I have a problem I know.

Number 5: I have the most massive crush on Niall Horan from One Direction. I'm going to marry him and our wedding will be the wedding of the century. You all are invited of course.

Number 6: I have an irrational fear of planes flying over my house. We have a few airports near by where I live and you can always hear them flying overhead. I have this fear that whenever I can hear one go by that it's going to crash into my house. I have no clue why.....

Number 7: When I was a freshman or sophomore in high school (I can't remember, those years kinda blended together) my house got TPed 3 times in one week. To this day I don't know who did it.......

Number 8: Although I am Korean I consider myself a typical white girl and love partaking in the typical white girl activities and will use the hashtag 'typicalwhitegirl' quite often.

Number 9: I don't know how to use chopsticks. Yes I know I'm Asian and I should. I don't wanna talk about it.

Number 10: I have this odd fascination with serial killers and the criminally insane. Could be because I watch too much Criminal Minds and took 3 criminology classes last fall, but hey who knows. 

Number 11: I have to rearrange my room ever 2-months. I hate monotony and frankly I just really love rearranging my room. 

Number 12: I don't have my ears pierced BUT I am going to get them done before summer ends! Yay! 

Number 13: I was born on September 13, also the same day as Niall obvi we are meant to be. Duh. 

Number 14: I am pigeon-toed. Meaning that my legs naturally turn inward. It does not mean that I have pigeon toes. 

Number 15: I can't ever order the same food twice in a row at a restaurant. I have to order something different every time. Again this goes back to the monotony/ variety is the spice of life thing. 

Number 16: There are at least 4 tattoos that I want to get. I plan on getting one hopefully for my 21st birthday! 

Number 17: I want to travel the world, to discover and explore, to get lost in all the beauty. I would love to spend a year or a semester or just a summer travelling. 

Number 18: I was 19 years old when I got my driver's license. Better late than never, right. 

Number 19: I want to foster/adopt children when I have a family. I know the importance of having a loving, caring family and I want to give that to other children. 

Number 20: My dad built our house that we currently live in from the ground up! He did have help but for the most part he did everything himself! 

Well guys there you have 20 random facts about myself! I hope you all enjoyed this little post and this is the start of more blogging again! 

Tell me in the comments below or send me a tweet about a random fact about you! I'd love to hear that I'm not as weird as I think I am! 

Till next time lovelies! 

"i am me and that's as good as it can be"

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