Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Knock, Knock.

If you follow me on Pinterest and if you don't, you should cause I pin fabulous things, it's no surprise that I love, love, love home decor. Decorating, styling, repurposing, the whole kit and kaboodle. I seriously can't wait till I have my own place and I can go nuts decorating it. I usually just redecorate my bedroom and pretend to decorate my fantasy house on Pinterest but my dad asked me to help him repurpose and style this old bookcase our neighbor was throwing away. It took me a whole .03 seconds to say yes and start looking up ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. 

It was a old brown color before but my brother painted it white. I then went in with a hand sander and sanded it down, making it look old, worn and vintage. The result? An adorable cabinet piece that looks like it cost bookoo bucks to buy from a boutique store. I gathered things from around the house that were vintagey and country looking to style it with. With my dad's help I added some other pieces to our front porch to compliment the bookcase with. I think it looks like something straight out of a Pinterest picture so I thought I'd share with you guys! So here's my styled front porch and bookcase! 

Here's the bookcase!

I DIYed the chalkboard sign and the burlap bow! 

 I personally am so happy at the way this turned out! It's unique and different and just adds an added dimension and depth to the front porch! I can't wait to do more DIY and home decor posts! 

I genuinely love home decorating and taking pieces and creating an amazing look. Taking a piece that should be trash and giving it a new life, a new purpose. Or taking pieces and objects that don't go together and making them flow and work in a way not though of. I love it. If event planning falls through for me I've decided that I am going to be a home decorator! Think I could? Anyone need their house decorated? 

Lemme know what your thoughts are on my front door styling! Like it or loathe it? Tweet it or comment! 

See you lovlelies later! 

"i learned that passion about objects and furnishings makes for fearless decorators- and that if you are comfortable in your home, everyone else will be too. that sense of authenticity is what gives home its soul." 

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