Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beauty in a Box

Bonjour my lovely bloggers! How are you all today? Myself, I'm doing just dandy. Today's post is all about beauty in a box. So what does 'beauty in a box' mean? Well I'm about to tell you. 

If you watch beauty gurus on Youtube, read women's beauty/lifestyle magazines or just enjoy all things beauty in general then you may have heard of Birchbox. It's a beauty box subscription who, through a survey, will send you several deluxe samples of beauty products each month for $10. Products can range from cult favorites, new and upcoming lines and everything in between. 

I've had my eye on subscribing to a beauty box for awhile now but just could never do it. I randomly decided to check it out one day and found that they were running a special promotion. Subscribe for your first month for only $5! I thought to myself, "Heck yes I'm trying this!" and decided to try it out because I had heard so many people rave about it. I took the survey, ordered my first box and waited (impatiently I might add) till it arrived. It arrived just a couple of days ago and I was SO excited to open it up. I opened it up and kinda fell in love. I can't wait to try out my new beauty goodies! So what was inside my little beauty box.....?

First off how cute is this packaging?! I love the yellow! Perfect to kickoff summer!
Almost there to see what's inside!
Almost there!!!
And here we are ladies and gents! What's inside my Birchbox for this month!

So first off we have a little card that explains the inspiration for the month/goodies and then explains what each beauty product is. 

Making this bigger so you guys can read the descriptions clearer!

So first up is the Perlier Shea Butter Body Cream! I had never heard of this company but after a little research I found out they are a higher end skin care company out of Italy. I've never had a high end skin care product before and not an Italian one much less! I can't wait to try this out. Maybe I'll pamper myself one of these times and use it after a shower and pretend like I'm at a high end spa. 
Next is the Beauty Protector 'Protect and Detangle' leave in conditioner spray. I'm excited to try this out as I love finding new hair products. From the description it protects against heat, adds silkiness and obviously detangles hair. And the smell is apparently addictive. I haven't smelt it yet but I will let you guys know if I become addicted. 

Now how cute is this?! It's a little perfume sample! I love the design! It's bright, cheerful and just plain happy. The brand is Harvey Prince, a company that was founded by two brothers who wanted to give their mother a scent for Mother's Day. The result? A perfume company that crafts inspired, high quality fragrances using the finest ingredients and no chemicals to create a scent with "its own spirit and story". I sprayed a little bit on my wrist to test and oh my gosh I'm in love. The scent is called Hello and boy oh boy does it greet you. It's light, fruity, floraly, delicate but powerful. It's not overwhelming which is good as some perfumes can be but hits you just right. Meyer lemon, satsuma mandarin, summer forsythia and pink plumeria are the floral and fruity notes in this perfume, that's perfect for summer. I'm excited to wear this out! 

Up next is Supergoop. Now I had never heard of it and was a little bit nervous as to what Supergood was. After reading the tube it's just a sunscreen. The company sells higher end sunscreen and other skin care products. I don't normally wear sunscreen, I know I know I should, but I'll definitely use this when I'm outside or at the pool! 

Last but not least is makeup! I received a Cynthia Rowley eyeliner! I had never heard of this brand of makeup but apparently it's created by New York fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. I love eyeliner, the blacker the better, and this is suppose to be smudge-proof for all day, or night wear. I'll have to take this baby out for a spin when I go for a night out. Again I'll update you on whether or not it lives up to the test. Also, I love the polka dots on the pencil. I'm a sucker for cute packaging, ok. 

In addition to all of that I also received a coupon for $25 off a purchase at the Kate Spade store Saturday. I love Kate Spade just as much as the next preppy girl so I was beyond thrilled to received this coupon. 

I can not wait to try out all these new products!! I'm beyond obsessed with my Birchbox and will definitely be a subscriber from now on. What I love about this is that everyone's will be different. No one will get the same box. It will be filled with different products tailored to your specific preferences. Plus for $10 you get quite a bit of product! I'm excited to share with you what I get in upcoming boxes! I may do a monthly Birchbox blog post. If not I'll definitely post what I got to my Instagram (samantha_goble). 

Well that's it for this post! Until next time my Internet friends! 

"i believe all women are pretty without makeup- and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup"

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