Friday, April 25, 2014

DIY: Polka Dot Bulletin Board

Hello lovelies! So I am the worst blogger known to man......I know it's been awhile since my last post BUT to make up for it I have a really easy, super cute, easy and afforadable DIY tutorial! Yay for being crafty! I had some time tonight so I  went to Pinterest to see what easy craft I could do. And it is................
Isn't it adorable?! And yes that is a picture of me as a baby, wasn't I adorable!? (; Haha! 
Anyways this is a super easy, fast, affordable DIY that will spruce up any room! So let's get started!

Here's what you'll need: 
A plan cork board (any size will do)
Paint container (I used a plastic lid)
Thumbtacks: the flat kind (I got 300 from the $1 store)
Clothespins (I also got a bag from the $1 store)
Circle sponge brushes and paint brushes 
Various colors of paint 
A hot glue gun (Super glue would work too)
Gold glitter
Gold paint (I used a paint pen)
Mod podge or craft glue

How To:
Making the clothespin thumbtacks:
Step 1: Once your hot glue gun has heated up, apply a small dollup of glue to the top, back part of the clothespin. 

Step 2: Now take your thumbtack and stick it to the glue. 

Step 3: Press on it to make sure it's adhered to the glue. 

Step 4: Paint the bottom part of the clothespin. You can paint it solid color, pattern it or do glitter. I did solid and glitter. 

Step 5: Let pins dry. 

Step 6: If you chose glitter take your modpodge or craft glue and apply it to the bottom part of the clothespin. 

Step 7: Apply the glitter to the glue. I just dipped it into the container. 

Step 8: Let glue dry. 

Painting the board: 
Step 1: Paint the cork board in whatever color you choose. I used a light cream color. 

Step 2: Let the board dry. 

Step 3: (I forgot to take a picture of me painting the dots....oops) Take your circle sponge brush and sponge on the polka dots. I used a dark pink in a bigger circle and a light pink in a smaller circle. If you don't have a sponge you can paint the circles. 
Note: You don't have to do polka dots. You could do stripes, tribal print, chevron or any other pattern. You could even do your monogram or a quote! Feel free to be as creative as you want! 

Step 4: Stagger your dots. See the picture for what I mean. 

Step 5: Let paint dry. 

Once the paint has dried you can push in the clothespin thumbtacks and start adding pictures, quotes, etc., to your board! Viola! You now have a super cute room decoration in no time at all and inexpensively too! I think this turned out great and I can't wait to add more stuff to it! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know if you try this out by tweeting me a picture of it! (:

"i don't think there is ever a wrong time for a polka dot." 

Friday, April 11, 2014

DIY: Painted Mason Jar

Hello beauties! I hope you are all doing well! Today on the blog I want to share with you an easy DIY to get your room in the mood for spring! This is a super easy DIY that anyone can do and roughly costs around $10, give or take. So what is the super easy and afforadable DIY? Well it is..................

Painted mason jars!

I'm obsessed with mason jars and thought this would be an easy and super cute way to spruce up my room for spring!  So I sat down in my room, played some music from Spotify and started painting!  If you have time on your hands and you don't know what to do try this easy DIY out!

Here's what you need: 
Mason jars or any glass jars and their metal rings
Paint in chosen colors (I used acrylic paint from Wal-Mart. Any will do)
Brushes (You can get a variety pack from Wal-Mart too for just a few dollars)
Paint container (I used an old shoe box lid) 
Newspaper or packing paper
Steel wool (For distressing)
(I had all my supplies from previous crafts and DIYs but all the supplies together should be around $10 or less)

How To:
Step 1: Lay down old newspaper or packing paper on your work surface. 

Step 2: Wipe down the outside of your jar with a damp cloth. This makes sure that there are no dirt, fuzz or other stuff on the glass. 

Step 3: Shake and squeeze out paint color you've chosen on your paint container.

Step 4: Start painting away! Paint the outside of the jar all the way around using long, vertical brush strokes. It's ok if it's not perfect. You can go back and add another coat if need be. 

Step 5: Depending on how opaque you want the color, you may have to paint multiple coats. If you want more of a distressed, vintagey look then 1-2 coats should be enough. 

Step 6: Let the paint dry. Lighter the layer the faster it will dry. 

Step 7: Once your paint has dried if you want your jar to look old, vintagey and worn take the steel wool and gently rub the paint until you have achieved the desired vintagey and wornness. 

Optional Step 8: This is an optional part but if you want to jazz up the jar even more you can glitterize (yes I just made up that word) the glass ring around the top. You can also paint the metal ring a different color than the jar. 

And voila! There you have it! A super easy and cute new vase for your room! Perfect for spring, or really any time of the year! You can fill it with flowers or use it organization or storage. I put mine on my desk but this would look adorable on a nightstand, bookshelf, end table, coffee table in your kitchen or bathroom! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY tutorial! I'm in love with my jars and think they add the perfect touch of bright spring colors to my room! Let me know if you try this out by tweeting me pictures of it on Twitter! I would love to see your jars! (:

"spring is the time of plans and projects."

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taking the Plunge....Err Cut

Hey there lovelies! This evening's post is an update. So I've been debating whether to cut my hair for awhile now. I wanted to have healthy hair but I also wanted to have long, mermaid hair for summer. Do I cut my hair and have it short and healthy or keep it long and mermaidy? It was an internal struggle. Well I had a free signature haircut coupon for Ulta from their grand opening of a store near me, so I decided to take the cut and do it! I got almost 12 inches cut off. Yes, almost a foot of hair gone from my head. I got all my dead, split ends cut off and now have healthy, short hair. I also had all my curls cut off too so now I have my straight hair again. (For those of you who didn't know I got my hair permed in July of 2013.) I'll post a before picture and then an after one so you can see how drastic of a difference 12 inches is. 


And without further adieu........................................... After!
Yes, yes it's super short! It's actually a tad bit shorter than I would have liked it but that's ok. I'm so fortunate enough to have very fast growing hair so in a few months it'll be back to it's long length. All my split ends are gone and now I have healthy hair! I really like it short and think I look older! I feel like a grown- up. Anyway lemme know what you think of it and any haircut stories you have, good or bad! 

"a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."

Thursday, April 3, 2014

be the change you want to see

Hello everyone I hope you're having a fabulous day! Today's post is a more serious topic than most that I'll post on here, but it's one of the most important. My best friend recently sent me this video to watch. She watched it in one of her classes at college and it inspired her to change her major. ReMoved is a short film about the foster care system. The creators of the film filmed it in hopes that "it would be used to serve in bringing awareness, encourage, and be useful in foster parent training and raising up foster kids." The video is 13 minutes long, but worth every second of it. Although I wouldn't recommend watching it without wearing waterproof mascara. Have your tissues handy. 

The link:

ReMoved tells the poignant story, through the mind and eyes of a young girl who was taken from her abusive home and placed into the foster care system. It follows her through her heartbreaking journey from one foster home to another. It's compelling, moving, saddening and angrying. The Santa Barbara Independent explained the film better than I ever could: "It would be impossible to fully understand the life and emotions of a child going through the foster care system, but this short narrative film portrays that saga in a poetic light, with brushes of fear, anger, sadness and a tiny bit of hope." 

Abby White plays the little girl in the video and does a spectacular job. What got to me the most is her voiceover throughout the video. Her voice told her story. It told of the sadness, heartache, pain, anger and glimmer of hope. I prided myself on not full on crying, that is until I got to the end, then the water works came. 

The film is exceptionally directed, written, cast, filmed and edited. The story it tells is deeply moving and it calls for something to be done. A difference needs to be made. We need to be the voice for the voiceless. To let them know that they are worth everything and that they are loved more than they know. There are thousands upon thousands of kids in the U.S. and abroad that need love and compassion. That need a good set of parents and a kind, loving home. To be shown a childhood and how to be a kid again. To be shown there is good in the world and to finally feel the warmth of the sun on their faces. To be reminded how to smile again.

I've always wanted to foster and adopt kids ever since I can remember. Being adopted myself I know the impact of what a loving family can do. I think about my life if I was still in Korea and what it would be like. After watching this film I had no doubt in my mind or my heart that I would foster kids someday. I truly think that this is part of my purpose in life, to be able to give kids the same love and encouragement I had a child growing up. 

So this is my challenge to you. While you may not foster kids do something, be a change, make a difference in the world. You may say,"Oh I'm just one person" or "My difference is too small to really matter". Sure you are one person but you are one person who is making a difference, one person is all it takes. Someone sees you and then they want to make a difference and then another person sees that person and before you know it you have people upon people making a difference in the world. No matter how small your contribution is, it counts and matters. Even the smallest thing can make a difference in a big way. So never doubt what you are doing doesn't matter, because it does matter. 

"you were born with the ability to change someone's life. Don't ever waste it."

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's in My Purse!

I'm back again! Tell a friend I'm back again! Sorry for the lack of posts as of lately....I've been slacking.. ooops. 

Well I'm back and today's post is a peek inside my purse! I love reading other bloggers posts and watching Youtube 'What's in my Bag' videos because, let's be honest, I'm pretty nosy. I love knowing what other people carry in their purses. It gives me ideas of items I wouldn't  think about having and that I should have. 

I recently got a new purse, a Kenneth Cole Reaction purse and I'm in LOVE with it. I bought it from Steinmart on sale and with a coupon. It's unfortunately an older bag so I'm not sure where you can purchase it other than the store that I found it at. Perhaps another blog post will be similar bags? We shall see! 

So without further adieu here is my what's in my purse......

The purse itself is very roomy and holds all what I need it to. I can fit everything you see in the picture, except the water bottle, into it with ease. It's a structured bag so it can stand on its own. It's black with gold hardware. Simple, classy and elegant. 

Phone: Of course! I wouldn't go anywhere with out it! I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 with an Otterbox case on it (because I'm clumsy). 

Sunnies and case: It's starting to warm up which means the sun is out more and I gotta protect my eyes! I just have a pair of sunglasses from Target and my case is from H&M. 

Coupon holder: Yes, yes I'm a coupon clipper. Not like some who get $500 worth of groceries for $5, but I do use coupons to save money where I can. I mean I am a college student after all. I bought my holder at Target in the dollar section!

iPod & headphones: I always, always, always carry  my iPod with me wherever I go. I must have it. Right now some of my favorite songs are Dear Marie by John Mayer, Classic by MKTO and You Can't Stop Me by Andy Mineo. Also I have a white iPod touch 4th generation. 

Gum: I chew gum like it's my job. Some days I pop 3 to 4 pieces. Hi I'm Samantha and I'm a compulsive gum chewer. The flavor I have this time is the Orbit Wintermint.

EOS lip balm: I never leave home without chapstick. Ever. I have one (or more) on my person at all times. This is the sweet mint kind which I bought at Target.

Lotion: I have dry arms all the time, all year round so keeping lotion in my bag is a must. I also have sensitive skin so some lotions with fragrances irritate it. I usually use the Aveeno Skin Relief lotion which I bought at surprise, Target. Most of the beauty items I mention you can find at any store. 

Notepad and pen: I carry a notepad and pen with me because you never know what cute guy you're going to run into at the store and you chat with him and wanna play it old school and write down your number on a piece of paper. Plus, I carry it to write down notes, inspirations, quotes I find, things I need to do, etc. You can't purchase it online but you can purchase it in Target stores. 

iPad Mini: I usually always take my iPad with me if I'm going out. It basically contains the entire contents of my life so I would be lost without it. I use it for school as well as work and pleasure. I bought my case at Target on clearance a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not sure if you can still find it. It's the Mara Mi collection.

Water bottle: Hydration, hydration, hydration! I never, ever, never, ever leave home without water. I always fill up my water bottle or tumbler where ever I go. This is the Contigo 32 oz water bottle which I much prefer and love over the Camelbaks. I find Camelbak to be slightly overrated. 

More chapsticks: I'm also a compulsive chapstick carrier....... oh well, better to have lots than none! These ones are the Carmex strawberry chapstick which I got from Walgreens and the Burts Bees Mango lip balm because I'm obsessed with mango flavored anything! 

Advil: You never know when an unsuspecting headache will pop up! Better to knock it out than it to knock you out. 

Eyeglasses cloth: I do wear glasses so I keep this with me to clean my lenses or my lenses on my sunglasses. This is a Vera Bradley eyeglass cloth I got free with a purse last year I believe.

Hairties, clips and bobby pins: I have had many a hair tie snap mid-way through making  a bun or ponytail. Or I needed a bobby pin to keep my bangs outta my eyes, but alas I didn't have any. So now I always keep them with me.*Tip: loop your hair tie through your bobby pins so you don't lose them in your purse!* 

Hand wipes & sanitizer: I'm a germ freak. I always have to wipe down or sanitize my hands after I do anything. Shopping, putting gas in my car, etc. I keep these GermX wipes with me and some hand sanitizer as well. I'm not sure where the wipes are from since my mom got them, but the hand sanitizer is from Bath and Body Works in Sweet Pea!

Well there you have it, what's inside my purse. Lemme know what's inside your handbag and what your must haves are! 

"life is short. buy the purse."