Saturday, July 1, 2017

At Home Teeth Whitening with Smile Brilliant + Giveaway

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog. Today I am sharing a brand and a product that I love and think works but as a huge hang up, at least for me. But first let's get into some background. 

My Story//

I've never been proud of my smile; I have two big buck teeth in front, I have gaps and discoloration from drinking coffee (#sorrynotsorry #coffeeislife). I've always been self conscious of it and wished I had a pretty smile. You know the one that models and celebrities and girls on Instagram have with their perfect, white teeth. Now you might say "But Sam you smile in your photos and we see your teeth and smile all the time for the blog!" And yes that is true but my smile isn't something that I rate as my best or favorite feature.... honestly it's one of my worst features I think. 
And since now that I work in the hospitality industry where I am interacting and smiling at people daily my smile really started to bother me. I thought that the first thing people see is the discoloration, overbite and gappy teeth. 

I'm too broke for braces so I can't really fix the overbite and gappy teeth but I have tried toothpaste that claims it can whiten in one use but never saw any results with it. I've also used teeth whitening strips but those got too costly to keep doing. So then I'm at the same spot that many others are in. Wanting affordable teeth whitening that works. 

Well today I am here to share a brand that I think fits that bill and that can help! Enter Smile Brilliant! Smile Brilliant is a teeth whitening company based right here in the good US of A, in St. Louis to be exact that offers top quality level teeth whitening at home and that's super affordable.

I'm going to share the pros and cons with the teeth whitening trays, my thoughts on it all, my huge hang up and then there is a giveaway at the bottom that you're not gonna wanna miss! 

Okay so let's get to it! 


Smile Brilliant offers custom fitted whitening trays which is AWESOME! You don't have to mess with strips that don't shape right or that stick out too much or don't cover all the way. The send you all of the materials that you need to take the impressions, you send it back in a pre-paid envelope and they make them just for you!

You do all of this from the comfort of your home. You don't have to go anywhere or get any special items or tools. They send you everything you need and simple, easy to understand instructions which for me is everything. If something is too confusing or complicated I won't do it. It's not that I'm not smart enough too or don't have the patience it's just as the consumer I shouldn't have to decipher instructions. Anyone else with me on this?! 

The ingredients in teeth whitening gel are vegan and cruelty free which is something that I LOVE about a company! If I can I try to buy cruelty free beauty products and honestly love that more and more companies are becoming more cruelty free. Smile Brilliant only lists 5 ingredients in their gel and all their products are not tested on cute little bunnies. 

They are ridiculously affordable. How many times have you seen a teeth whitening kit listed only to have your eyes pop open at the price tag? Or realize how fast the strips add up? *raises both hands* What's super cool with Smile Brilliant is that their systems start at $129! When I first read that I had to do a double take I thought surely that can't be the price but it is! You can get custom fitted teeth whitening for under $150.... INSANITY! 

Depending on the level of your stains they have three different packages- light, average and heavy. They also offer a sensitive and non-sensitive option which is great for those who have sensitive teeth but still want a feasible option! 

The phrase "you get what you pay for" does not apply here. Smile Brilliant offers professional, high quality teeth whitening at home. Within my first use I saw a noticeable different in the color of my teeth.... with one time. I could see my discoloration lightened and my mom even commented on it too. I went outside in natural light and looked, checked my teeth on my phone's camera and in the mirror in the bathroom and all said the same thing, my teeth were whiter! A product that actually said it would deliver and did. That's crazy!  

Here are some tidbits to know before purchasing


The process to get the custom trays is a bit challenging. They send you the molding clay and trays and you have to take the impressions yourself, which if you've never done them can be a bit tricky. Thankfully they give you an extra set of materials in case you mess up. I did mess up on my first try and had to redo my top set. But after that it was smooth sailing. 

So this is a big con for me and would influence my decision making and purchasing. Now don't get me wrong I love this company and truly believe in this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, at home teeth whitening kit that works. However, it is very time heavy. They say to do this before bed so that you can have the gel stay in your teeth overnight and work which I'm totally on board for, but it is quite a lengthy process.

You have your top and bottom teeth trays that the directions state to rinse with water and dry completely before putting the gel on. Since they're custom they fit to every groove and ridge on your teeth making is challenging to dry them before using the gel. Applying the gel takes a whole 45 seconds so that's not bad. You then put in the trays for an hour or more which is also fine. I usually would watch TV or Youtube videos. After you have to take them out, rinse them out again, dry them completely and if you are using the de-sensitizing gel, apply that and stick them back on for another 15 minutes. So in total it takes about 30 minutes for the prepping process and another  1 hour and 15 minutes for the actual whitening. 

Honestly after a long day at work the last thing I wanted to do was spend almost 2 hours getting ready for bed. (*Note, my normal routine is remove makeup, wash face, moisturize and brush teeth all that takes under 10 minutes). Like I honestly had to plan out my night when I was going to whiten. Let's say that I go to bed at 9 (I'm a grandma I know haha!) that means by 7 I need to start this process and that means I need to eat dinner at 6. But some nights I'm not home from work till close to 5:30 but then I still have to figure something out for dinner/make it so that cuts into my dinner time which cuts into my teeth whitening time which cuts into my sleep which makes me a zombie. I just didn't like that I had to schedule out my night just so I could whiten my teeth and it just wasn't convenient. Since it did take so long I only whitened about twice a week because that's all I had time for and only did it for one week. 

BUT with that being said I did notice a difference between my teeth before and after using them twice for that week. The Before and After images are before using Smile Brilliant and after just one use! I can only imagine what my teeth would look like after continued constant use. If you are looking for something quick and convenient this is not the product for you. If you don't mind putting in the time and getting basically instant results then Smile Brilliant is absolutely for you. 



These photos are without filters, editing, Photoshop or any kind of re-touching and are straight from the camera thus my slightly haggard appearance! This was after one use, I can only imagine what 5 or 10 uses looks like!

Because I believe in Smile Brilliant they were kind enough to host a giveaway for my readers and followers! Yup you can enter to win you're very own teeth whitening kit and see how Smile Brilliant can work for you! 

Here's the details aka the important stuff.

You win a $139 credit to Smile Brilliant and can get your own at home teeth whitening kit and see the difference. 

This giveaway is open 2 weeks after today and the winner will be announced back here in this post. 

It's open to residents of the UK, Australia, Canada and of course the US. 

Enter using the link below:
Smile Brilliant Giveaway  

If you don't want to wait or don't win and still want to try Smile Brilliant out they are offering a discount code to everyone! Use code: oflifeandstyle5 for your discount!
Good luck to everyone and may the odds be ever in your favor!

As always, thank you to Smile Brilliant for sending me their teeth whitening system for today's post and for doing the giveaway and promo code. The teeth whitening system was gifted to me for free, all opinions are my own and are in no, way, shape or form influenced by Smile Brilliant. Affiliate links are used in this post.  Collaborations like this wouldn't be possible without the support of all my readers and followers so THANK YOU!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Navy and Wood + Giveaway!

I know it's been awhileeeeee aka basically forever since I've blogged but man a full time job has been kicking my ass!! I thought I could handle working and blogging and school but I clearly couldn't. I honestly don't know how some bloggers do it. I seriously applaud them. Please teach me your ways!! 

But I did manage to shoot a few posts that will be going live in the weeks to come so you will get some new content from me. YAY! 

Seriously thank you for sticking with me through this hiatus period. I honestly thought I wouldn't have any views in my time off but they kept going up so thank you from the bottom of my heart! :) 

Today's post isn't about me but about my brother, Alex! Andddd there's a fun giveaway at the bottom of the post in honor of my return back to blogging! WOOHOO! 

Sunglasses: Unknown// Button down: Target (similar here)// Shorts: Target (similar here)// Shoes: Unknown (similar here)// Watch: Jord Watches// 

Usually Alex is behind the camera taking my photos but today we switched it up and I'm the one snapping pics! When Jord Watches reached out to me to collaborate for a post I immediately thought of my brother for this watch. Navy/blue looks good on him and he's been talking about upping his style game so I figured this would be the perfect introduction to helping him do it! 

I styled him in a navy short-sleeve button down from Target, khaki cargo shorts (I strongly dislike cargo shorts but he likes them so I had to roll with it) and nice brown dress sandals. He accessorized with the watch, of course, and his sunglasses which I also didn't want him to wear but he said he liked these the best and felt most comfortable in them so I let him wear them. 

This look isn't too casual but not too dressy and could go for lunch, running errands, church, Sunday brunch, etc. It's one of those multi-purpose outfits that can be worn to various things. I feel like guys looks can be worn for like a million things whereas a girl's outfit is activity specific. Anyone else feel like that? Haha! 

But seriously how cool is this watch packaging?! When I opened it up I just gasped. It's a beautiful wood box, with the watch, watch cushion and it comes with a cleaning cloth and wood polish. Talk about a company/brand who's doing packing right! 

So what's the big deal with this watch? It's just a watch right? 

NOPE! What set's Jord Watches apart from all the different watch brands is that they are made of 100% wood, yup wood. Thus the wood polish they had in the packaging. 
Isn't is a cool watch?! I love how the dark wood and the grain compliments the navy face and gold detailing. It's such a stunning watch! 

They also are based out of St. Louis, Missouri and "work, play and live" there so they're a totally U.S. based company which I love! 

This watch is the Frankie series in zebrawood and navy which can be worn by men or women. If you're a woman who love huge watch faces then this watch is for you! They do have specific men's watches and women's watches if you want a watch that's smaller. 
They have toooons of different styles, wood finishes, watch face colors, etc. so be sure to check out their men's and women's shops! Plus, it can be dressed up or down. You could wear it with shorts and a t-shirt or a blazer and dress pants. It's a multi-purpose watch which I personally love. 

Anddddddd it's a suuuper nice quality watch but doesn't break the bank. How much do you think this watch is? $250? $275? $300? NOPE! It's $189! UNDER $200 FOR A WOOD WATCH! How crazy is that!?

This would also make a great gift for your brother, boyfriend, dad, mom, sister, girlfriend, or any other important person in your life. It's a great graduation, birthday, anniversary or Father's Day gift since it's coming up soon or a belated Mother's Day gift! 
Now onto the fun part! Jord was kind enough to host a GIVEAWAY with this post too! Yup you could win a $100 gift code to buy your own Jord watch! You could get a watch for potentially under $100 and have free shipping. Can I get a woot woot? 

But if you don't win the $100 code, they are also giving everyone else a $25 code as a thank you for entering! So if you were to get this exact watch it would be roughly $164 before tax. UNDER $175 for a unique watch that let's you stand out from the crowd. 

Just enter by clicking this link. It's that easy!

The contest ends 5/28/17 at 11:59pm CST. Must have valid email address to enter. 

Congratulations to William for winning the $100 gift code! And thank you to everyone who entered! 

Thank you to Jord Watches for the insanely cool watch in today's post and for doing the giveaway and promo code. The watch was gifted to me for free, all opinions are my own and are in no, way, shape or form influenced by Jord Watches and I am not making any commission off of it. Collaborations like this wouldn't be possible without the support of all my readers and followers so THANK YOU!

How do you style guy/guys in your life? What do you think about this unique watch? What posts do you want to see from me? Share in the comments below! 

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

DIY Floral Monogram + Video

Hello friends! I am alive despite my lack of an online presence. My new job has been AMAZING but has been kicking my ass. I average about 7k+ steps every day, more on the 14k+  side every day on the weekends when we have weddings. When I get home I eat dinner, say hi to my family, change into my comfy clothes then basically crash. I hope to shoot some outfits this week so yay for that! And school has been stressing me out too since I don't have a lot of time to work on it during the day. But I think I have it worked out so double yay! 

I really appreciate you guys sticking with me while I transition this. I do have some really cool ideas for posts that I hope to be able to produce for you guys! Time will tell if I can get them done..... 

Today I'm bringing you a VIDEO and a DIY! *insert salsa dancing emoji here*

 I'm sharing how to make this ridiculously adorable floral monogram! It's super easy to make, pretty affordable and adds a fun touch and pop of color to a room! You could even give it as a gift too! 

So how do you make this adorable DIY? 

Watch the video below! 

I got all of my supplies from Hobby Lobby and used their 40% off coupon on some of the things that weren't on sale. They will be denoted with a * 
*Paper mache letter 
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Flowers of your choice
Paint color of your choice
Paint brushes 

So there you have it! It's that easy to make this beyond cute floral monogram! You can pick any type of flowers to go on this and have total creativity over it! If you wanted you could even do real flowers and cut the top of it and fill it with floral foam!! HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE?! 

What other DIYs do you guys want to see? What kind of videos too? Leave me a comment sharing! 
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

On a Blush Kick

I've been on such a blush kick lately! I don't know if it's because I'm so excited for spring and being able to break out my pastels or what but I've been loving this color! I've had this cardigan for awhile now but haven't eve worn it till now. Why I haven't until now I have no clue because this is my new favorite cardigan! It's lightweight, perfect for the spring temps and the perfect length, not too long or too short. Plus it has a gorgeous draped waterfall cut. It's one of those wear all the time pieces!

Sunnies: Forever 21 (similar here)// Tee: Abercrombie (almost identical here and similar here )// Cardigan: Forever 21 (similar here, here and here)// Jeans: American Eagle (similar here)// Converse// Purse: Calvin Klein// Necklace: Kendra Scott// 

|Thanks to Alex for the photos| 

I wore this outfit awhile back on my Insta and decided to give it a proper blog post because I've worn it like 5 times since then. It's just a great outfit! It's cute but casual and the cardigan is the perfect weight for these cool but still warmish California temps. 

This exact cardigan I've had for a year or more BUT I did manage to find basically the same one just in a slightly darker blush color here. The black and taupe are sold out :( But when they come back in stock I am ordering both! They're just great pieces to have, can go with so many different outfits, will be perfect for the office and are under $10 so you really can't beat them! 

I actually am wearing this same outfit to work today! I swapped out the ripped denim for my white jeans and my Converse for some black wedges since it's super warm here in SoCal! Like I said it's so versatile! 

Also now that I have an office job I need to start building up my wardrobe. It's dressy casual so if you have any great, affordable places that sell super cute clothes share them in the comments, send me an email or tweet me! I've been searching everywhere and so far Target and Forever 21 are the only places I've been able to find stuff.... 

Love blush like me? What are your double time pieces? Share below! 

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Exciting News!

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know the news BUT if you don't you should cause I post there first with news, updates and general life happenings! It's @samantha_goble if you want to follow along!

Anyways I interviewed for an event planning job a few weeks ago at a local wedding venue here on Southern California. It's a beautiful venue with an amazing staff and they were looking for an administrative assistant. If you don't know I'm currently in college finishing up my Bachelor of Arts degree in Hospitality Management with a concentration in event and meeting management and plan on becoming an event planner/stylist. So it would be the perfect intro job not only in the industry but help me gain some experience and really allow me to work assisting event planners and learning the ropes. 

So by now you can probably fill in the blanks of where this going. I interviewed and last Thursday was offered the full time position of administrative assistant! I excitedly accepted and started yesterday! 
I am so excited to be starting my career and in the industry! I have such a passion for people and for events and can't wait to dive in and start learning! 

It is a full time job and I'm also a full time college student too and I run Tribe 21 and I have my blog so it's going to be an adjustment with all of it. I know I've just been getting back into blogging regularly but I plan on trying to keep to a schedule. I do have 2 days off during the week (Tuesday and Wednesday) so I'm going to try to shoot some then if I have time between my schoolwork. If I fall behind please bear with me as I adjust to this all, so I apologize in advance! 

If you want to see any work related content such as outfits, how to manage it (once I do), etc., let me know and I'll do my best to crank out some content! And let me know what other content you guys wanna see! I'm going to be doing more videos so if there's any kind you want leave me a comment!

Thank you guys for all your support, it means so much to me! :) 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stripes and Suede

I love stripes that is no secret. They are so versatile; you can dress them up or down, make them the focus or blend in, they come in so many cute styles, you really can't have too many striped tops. Moral of the story. So when I saw this one on Forever 21 for under $15, with the cutest lace up front (super trendy right now) I knew I had to have it. 

Stripe lace up top: Forever 21// Suede skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch (similar here)// Lace up flats: Kohls (similar here and here)// Watch: Arvo// Sunglasses: Old Navy// Purse: Forever 21 (similar here)// 

|Thanks to Alex for the photos|

This top is so soft and super strechy! It's definitely very body hugging so if you want it loose I'd size up at least two sizes. It is a shorter length, not quite crop top length but pretty close to it. It's gonna be so versatile with high waisted jeans or shorts for the summertime. And it comes in two other colors! 

I bought this skirt back in the fall of last year and just never had time to style it but it's gonna be SO PERFECT for spring! It's sadly sold out :( But I linked a similar style. 

Lastly, I don't think I've ever shown my watch on here formally so here we gooooo!
 It was on my Christmas list and low and behold it was sitting under the tree. Dad you're the best!!! It's from the brand Arvo and is such amazing quality. It's got a bigger watch face than normal, which I prefer, the prettiest brown band and is gold. The trifecta of watches for me. And the bestest, best part? It's $70. YEP $70 FOR THIS BEAUTY! When I first saw this watch on Instagram I figured it'd be $125-150 like most are. I think I had an aneurysm when I saw that it was $70. If you're looking for a really classic, versatile watch that won't break the bank go check out Arvo! 

How do you wear stripes or suede? Share in the comments below or tag me in a photo, @samantha_goble! 

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Real Vs.Steal

I love shoes, that is no secret. I probably have over 50 pairs easily ranging from sandals to heels, flats, sneakers and boots. But shoes can get pretty pricey and I'm a college student so I gotta save where I can! I love designer pairs but can't justify spending $100+ on shoes. SO I love when affordable stores like Target or Forever 21 come out with designer dupes for practically pennies compared to the designer ones. ANDDD Target especially has been SLAYING the designer dupe game lately and they have a ton out. I've rounded up 4 pairs that are super trendy right now that won't make your wallet cry! 

#1: GucciTarget// #2: Steve Madden - Target// 
#3: Marc Fisher - Target// #4: Valentino - Target/

So now time for some math. I promise it won't be too bad. 

If you were to purchase the designer shoes it would cost you $1,789 for all 4 pairs. 

If you were to purchase the Target shoes it would cost you $119 for all 4 pairs.
That's a savings of $1,670!!! 

You could buy all 4 pairs of Target shoes 15 times and for what you could buy the 4 pairs of designer ones once. 

YAY FOR SAVING MONEY! And still being super in style and trendy!  

Almost every pair of Target shoes are identical dupes for their designer counterparts. The only ones that are different are the Marc Fisher wedges. Marc Fisher doesn't have a pair similar to the Target ones but if you are wanting the "style and look" of the Marc Fisher pair the Target ones will do the trick. But if you are wanting a MF look alike these Steve Madden ones are almost identical dupes. 

All of these shoes are super popular right now and I've seen fashion bloggers sporting them in their Instagrams and posts. Plus they're all really fun and add a statement to any outfit! 

What are your favorite real vs steal shoes? Have any to share? Leave them in the comments below! 

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